How do you top the guy who allegedly left his ATM card behind at an armed robbery?

Boston Police give us the guy who allegedly left his birth certificate behind at the scene of a mugging - and a letter from his mother.

According to police, a woman who'd just exited the Fields Corner T stop shortly before noon yesterday was walking through the Harbor Middle School yard when a man approached her:

The suspect grabbed her clutch wallet, which contained her state identification card, Charlie Card, and $40 in cash, and then fled on foot toward Dorchester Avenue. The victim stated that she noticed the suspect following her into the schoolyard, though he did not speak to her. She described him as a white male, approximately 6'0", with a medium build, blondish brown hair, and wearing a white t-shirt and dark colored shorts.

The victim stated that the suspect dropped two bags that he was carrying just before robbing her. The bags contained clothes, hygiene products, and a pair of sneakers. Additionally, at the top of one of the bags was a birth certificate that identified a Zachary Tentoni born in 1987, as well as a letter addressed to Zachary from his mother.

Police say about 1:35 this morning, officers on patrol spotted a guy matching the victim's description at Dot. Ave. and Faulkner Street, about a block from the robbery scene. Although he gave a different name, they contacted the victim, who arrived not long after and ID'ed him as her mugger.

Tentoni, 26, of Southington, CT, was then arrested on a charge of unarmed robbery.

Innocent, etc.




About 10 years ago I fell

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About 10 years ago I fell victim to credit-card theft when someone took one of those cash-advance checks out of my trash and used it to pay a phone bill. You know how the phone company asks that you write your account number on the check? Guess what. When I got the copy of the check I just turned it over to the police.

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