Police: Senior stomped after asking noisy group to shush at Copley Square Burger King

Wanted.Wanted for A&B with a dangerous weapon.

Boston Police report they are looking for this guy for attacking an elderly person in the Burger King at 533 Boylston St. around 10:25 p.m. on Friday.

Suspect repeatedly punched and kicked elderly victim inside Burger King after victim asked group to be quiet.

If he looks familiar, contact D-4 detectives at 617-343-4683.



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not necessarily

Screaming slurs while beating somebody down is what usually results in hate crime charges. Beatdowns on people who don't look like you/come from same ethnic/race group are not enough.


To see you're more concerned with the pending charges against this scum vs the well being of the victim. I personal hope this man is a victim of today's upcoming gun violence.


Should still use public humiliation, like tar and feathering. But then again MA is far to Liberal to allow suck "cruel" punishment.

As is that pesky US Constitution

But you know those crazy 18th century progressives and their ideas about justice! What a bunch of hippies!

Fwiw, I think finding him, locking him up for a nice long spell and forcing him to make restitution would be a suitable substitution. But feel free to continue to lobby for a more Taliban-like legal system. <eye roll>

i don't think he was

i don't think he was suggesting a Taliban-like justice system, just a different form of punishment since our current system of jail and prison doesn't work that well. People go into jail or prison at great public expense, and often leave unchanged or worse. As the cost of our government increases, eventually we'll have to cut costs somewhere.

Public humiliation might work...

How about letting his victim belt his buttocks in public?
While the criminal is wearing a pink tutu?
Then let him pick up roadside trash for a month or two.
Wearing that same tutu.
Fast...cheap...humiliating...what's not to like?
Probably cut down on crime a bit, too.