Armed robbery at West Roxbury Dunkin' Donuts

Around 8:40 p.m. at the Dunkin' Donuts at 5305 Washington St., the one next to the Hess station near the Dedham line.



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      Ok, so you get Stale donuts?

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      Ok, so you get Stale donuts? How much cash can a D&D have at this hour of the night? Probably got all those bad stale lemon creme ones...


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      Ronnies has been outta there for decades. He closed and DD moved in at least 20 or more years back. Maybe more like 30 years.

      FWIW, I used to love an early morning breakfast at Ronnies. Miss it.

      And also FWIW, the Hess will be gone soon enough given Hess announced it is getting out of the retail business. Have to wonder what gas station will move in. Hopefully someone who will keep the gas price wars going with King's across the street. :-)