Two shot in the South End

Stanley Staco reports two people were shot around 2:15 a.m. at W. Newton and Tremont streets in a fusillade of gunfire.



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*clutches pearls*

before swine

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-unsightly newspaper bins
-loud music
-parking woes
-low hanging pants

these are a few things worthy of *pearl clutching*

two people shot should never be considered "normal" or "part of life in the city." No one should consider violence, and its subsequent trauma, things you should just deal with.

You do know

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The South End has it's bad parts (mainly the boarded of Roxbury and Tremont St). Maybe it time for you to visit Boston again, the burbs are getting to your head.

The burbs?

Yes, the second densest city in the state and 26th densest in the country, Chelsea (cybah's home), is "the burbs".


cybah -- In another thread you tearfully emote over a drunken hit and run driver, while here you snicker at two people being shot. What's the matter with you these days?


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First off, I have like work to do rather than sit here and argue with folks all day. I typically write my comments with my morning coffee, and won't come back until lunch (or home again, depending on what's going on). But it's slow, and raining, and refuse to go out to get food... so here I am eating a ham sandwich, maybe I'll choke on it like Mama Cass (okay you guys can wish too since its obvious you all hate me that much)

Secondly, as far as the clutching pearls comment:

Did I laugh? No.

Did I make fun of the shooting? No.

Then what do I mean by my comment? Because you know all the yuppies that live in the SoEnd are gasping over this, I was more making fun of them than the victims. I should also add that I lived ~200 feet from that intersection from 2004 to 2009, so I know how yuppified that neighborhood is, and how I'm sure my ex-neighbors are clutching their pearls over this. That's what I meant.

Third, did you know I live in Chelsea? Did you know in the past year on my street and/or within a one block radius of my house, we've had three stabbings, two drive by's (one of which was two doors down from my house and woke me up at 3am), and a couple of shootings. (two of which happened in the last week or so), so yeah I know this all to well. Honestly it doesn't phase me anymore at all.

Fourth, as far as the guy and the car. As I said before For the record, what he did was wrong .. see that? I agree that what he did was wrong. The issue I have.. not only with this guy's case.. but with anyone, is the public shaming that goes on. It really needs to stop. I really don't agree with people doing it. Just because the information is out there, doesn't give anyone.. news sites, papers, etc... the right to go out and make broad assumptions (which is what that website did about that guy) and then just public shame them to death. I personally hope the guy gets a tough penalty for drinking and driving and killing those two bikers. But the public shaming needs to stop because it's only going to get worse if it continues.

We go on and on about kids being bullies to other kids. What makes this any different? NONE It's NO different. I don't care what your argument is to support this kind of bullying. It's not news or reporting, its bullying, and it needs to stop.

Very weak

"Clutching pearls" was a smart-ass, thoughtless comment. Ir really is immaterial where you live (or lived).

Comparing a drunk driver who mows down two people and then disclaims all knowledge of doing so to a kid getting bullied at school is just plain silly. If you can't see the difference, then all the worse for you.

BTW -- I really doubt anyone here "hates" you

Mama Cass did NOT choke on a ham sandwich

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I can't believe people still perpetrate that tired urban legend. The coroner's official findings were that Cass Elliot died of fatty myocardial degeneration due to obesity. The English translation of that is she died of a heart attack because she was overweight. She abused heroin for years as well, which I'm sure didn't help. But nothing whatsoever was found in her esophagus or windpipe.

Read more here:


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Whoa! Where'd you hear that? I've been looking all over for more information this morning.

Curious if this has anything

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Curious if this has anything to do with the large gang of four wheelers going along Mass Ave all evening.

Red Sox fans continue destructive and violent

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"Celebration". Bet the Red Sox fans can't wait for tomorrow's parade, adding more riots and trashed cars. Let's all film Boston SWAT stand there and do nothing, then post it on Youtube as Red Sox Parade.


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Tough night in the city: ice pick/shovel fight; armed robbery; shooting; shooting; armed robbery; double shooting.

Of course if you go to all you see is inane yammering about the Sox. I don't think any of these are reported, at least on the front page.

Another hat tip to uhub.

EDIT: uhub further reports another pistol-whipping and an attempted kidnapping of a 12-year-old. - nada. More Red Sox.

Well that simple!

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If the last shooting in Boston was in 1918 it would be front page news.

Nice reportin

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Of ~75 "headlines" on right now, ~35 (46%) of them are about the Red Sox. None are about the violence in Boston last night. Yes, I counted.

Given the number of

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Given the number of newspapers (including the Boston Globe) that I see on the stoops every morning in that neighborhood, I'd doubt that.


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I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if hundreds of yuppies suddenly cried out in disbelief, then hundreds of hearts suddenly stopped bleeding and turned to stone. I heard pleas for social justice replaced with demands to knock down the projects and process the residents into soylent green. I would have gotten very rich if I got a dollar every time someone mentioned their realtor saying the neighborhood was safe, or complained about having to deal with "that" after paying $850 a square foot. And all it took was a quick reality check...

Oh, please

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People who actually believe in things such as social justice are not the starry-eyed loons you think. Nor is one shooting proof they're going to flee an area, any more than Roslindale (which has even more of a reputation as a sleepy hamlet, save perhaps for the area around Archdale) is going to empty out just because it had a spate of gun incidents last night.

West Newton St. - Not surprised

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Wow not surprised. Take a walk down West Newton St. (Between Tremont and Shawmut) at any time of the day and you will see why. It is all Boston Housing. These residents take no pride in their neighborhood. You will see all sorts of trash on the sidewallk, Newport boxes and Hennesy bottles and fast food wrappers are well represented. All this within feet of a trash barrel. This attitude of entitlement and acceptance of crime is rampant on this block. So, as you can imagine this attracts a bad element sometimes they like to shoot each other.

With all do respect...

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Aside from the basic judgemental tone of your post....

So you are making an (wait for it) an assumption that the trash is from folks who live in Boston Housing?!?

I regularly take pride in not dropping trash on the ground but yet live on a busy street. And you know what?
Many mornings I leave my house and there is trash, cups, empty cig boxes, food wrappers, you name it, left on the sidewalk
in front of my house and on my lawn by someone other than myself.

So by your logic, you would look at my house and say "what a bunch slobs that live there with their entitlement attitudes"?

Yeah, I have three words for you which I do not choose to put into print.

Not an assumption

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First of all where do you live? I walked down that street (West Newton) almost every day for over a year. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt all the trash that litters that sidewalk did not blow over from the Back Bay. It was all generated by the residents of that block. It is reality. I have personally witnessed littering and drug dealing on that block. So I have first hand knowlegde about the subject matter. You are only making assumptions about a place you have probably never been. I have 3 words for you "open your eyes"

Well, I care about the used

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Well, I care about the used condoms the suburban johns leave in my neighborhood after they've been serviced. But do you really think I'm going to pick those up?

what neighborhood?

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What neighborhood do you live in? Used condoms! Yikes. You may want to consider moving

Having lived next to Boston public housing

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... In jp, there were two amazing things:

1)the quality of the vehicles parked on the street next to the building; seems a lot of people who "need" subsidized housing have some sweet rides. And yes, it's residents of the complex, the opposite lot is a church with a massive parking lot... and I've watched people as I'm waiting for the bus.

2)the amount of trash next to those cars; mostly junk food and fast food wrappers. The quantity defies belief. On a regular basis we file multiple complaints with the city and usually after complaint 3-4, a crew comes out and cleans it up. A week later, it's covered in trash again.

So yes, a) the system is being abused and b) shockingly leeches don't give a damn about their neighborhood.

oh please adamg

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As I was saying earlier - people tend to shed their shiny PC coating and get a little more realistic when sh*t hits the fan on their block. No one's packing up and leaving, but you won't be hearing the usual "public housing does not harm the neighborhood" chants from condo owners and renters living in the area.

Actually, I own on that

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Actually, I own on that street and I've (along with many of my neighbors) been saying that that Public Housing has been a problem for years. When most of the people in the neighborhood avoid walking down a block at any time of the day, it harms the neighborhood and the police know about this particular area because Villa's right down the street.

Maybe people "shed their shiny PC coating and get a little more realistic" when something like this happens where you live, but when you live in a neighborhood as economically diverse as the South End, you're "more realistic" about it everyday...because you have to be...because it's the reality.

I have watched people I've

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I have watched people I've never seen before in my neighborhood walk through my street and sit their trash on the curb. Or drive in from who knows where and get out of the car to deposit trash on the street, instead of just leaving it in the car for later proper disposal. They don't take too kindly to a "hey, pick your shit up," but they only hesitate for a fraction of a second when I actually stretch my hand out for it. But who the hell is going to do that all the time? I only take certain items, myself.

I concur

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Every time i go down that street people are drinking and smoking in the park or on their stoops, i guess non have jobs because its always the same idiots.


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It's a gross misstatement that people in public housing in general and on West Newton specifically don't take pride in their neighborhood. We're talking about Villa Victoria, the heart of the Hispanic-Latino community. There are persistent problems in the park, and they've been we'll chronicled here, but I attribute them to poverty rather than people leeching off the system. Looking at the underlying issues rather than deffering to basic and false character assumptions.


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I suppose it is because of poverty that the residents of that particular block of West Newton St throw their trash on ground when they are mere feet away from a trash can.
I suppose it is because of poverty that the residents of that particular block of West Newton St tolerate drug dealing in their children's playground.
I suppose it is because of poverty that the residents of that particular block of West Newton St decide to be involved in gang activity.
I suppose it is because of poverty that the residents of that particular block of West Newton St decide to shoot each other.
I suppose it is because of poverty that the residents of that particular block of West Newton St verbally accost women who walk down that street.

Yes, the myriad of issues

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Yes, the myriad of issues endemic to poverty probably do play a role in influencing those behaviors. Not to write them off or excuse them; those are individual decisions that piss me off weekly if not daily. In fact, it spreads beyond W. Newton all the time. I guess I believe in the broken windows theory and am idealistic to think that if better services were provided, if inroads and overtures were made into what is a vibrant community in its own right, then maybe things could improve.

Of course poverty is a huge part of it

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But I think typical yuppie liberals are very much in denial about how there are significant tracts of people who leech the system. I'm Puerto Rican, I've been around Villa Victoria quite often and know many people there. There is certainly a lack of caring when it comes to that street and those who live there. People who need subsidized housing end up in pseudo slums in places like Lynn (where I live) while people who are often times involved in crime, driving fancy, expensive cars end up in the "projects". It's not just a Boston thing either, check out the projects in most Boston-area cities, you will see the same thing. Nice cars, trash everywhere, and people hanging around all day doing nothing. There are exceptions, of course, the Newland Street Housing in Malden comes to mind. But the way subsidized government housing is run in Massachusetts is severely broken and needs to be changed.

And by the way, I'm a yuppie

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And by the way, I'm a yuppie renter. I live a block away and was awakened to gunfire, and I'm not running to my realtor. I have no pretensions. It's unfortunate that people on here are jumping right to stereotypes and doing a poor job explaining both the causes and consequences.


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As a person of the neighborhood I am appalled by the comments are here. You act like we have no pride. Do you honestly think we have not complained over and over to the pd. We have complained about noise drugs trash and loitering and the pd does nothing. We should not have to live in fear. The problem is not our community it is dealers from outside the community coming in. The problem is that when we complain ask for help we never get it.


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Dealers from the outside? Police does nothing? You mean the outside thugs that will get more holes in them than a chunk of swiss cheese if they venture too close courtesy of local thugs protecting their drug turf, and police that can't do anything because no one is cooperating? Sorry bud, but that fruit is rotting from the inside.

The comment you made in

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The comment you made in response to mine is a total false hood. I have lived on this street for 50 years. I know the people being spoken about. And the only thugs on the street are the ones being shot at. Our street is rotting from outsiders. Many of times i have seen drugs being delt and two minutes later detectives show up have a conversation and walk away. Also at 5 am I have called about music fighting drinking and again cops come and leave. I want people who think it is the residence of the street. Come sit on the street all night witness what I do see the lack of response from our police force. Then stay till 7 am when they leave after the police do nothing tell me who goes in their house on my street. Because none will they leave none live there.

1 Nov Shooting South End

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Can we put aside slinging the trash talk for just a moment and someone tell us WHO got shot and are they okay? Any idea why? Any other info?

gang related

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Word on the street is that the shooting was gang related. Stray bullets entered an apartment above Upper Crust Pizza through a window. The inhabitants were sleeping at the time (around 2:15AM) I have no info on how the lead poisoning recipients are doing.