Man shot near Codman Square

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 12:20 a.m. at Washington and Torrey streets.



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Is that a new thing?

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That burned torso in Hyde

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That burned torso in Hyde Park was a homicide sounds like you rooting for deaths pretty sad have lost people to gun violence many of my friends are gun victims im a stabbing victim its not a joke if it hits you at home SMH

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people are gun victims for a

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people are gun victims for a reason esp in a city like Boston where so few homicides happen. the way i figure it your going to be "about that life" you better be prepared to suffer the consequences. im not rooting for death i just find the stats interesting on how Boston thugs and gangstas stack up against other cities.....its an interesting topic...

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Well someone shot dead ya

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Well someone shot dead ya happy now? Nobody comparing cities and we still fight with our fist in Boston even if you get jumped other cities can't fight so they choose to use guns they cowards and the men that shoot people in this city are scared cowards shooting a gun don't make you hard to me they soft. Scared to get beat up.

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