Man shot to death on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan

UPDATE: Boston Police report the victim died at Boston Medical Center.

Around 8:15 p.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and Evelyn Street.

Stanley Staco reports he was shot in the chest.

That makes four murders this year.



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Really? Because I feel like there should be NO murders. This attitude is precisely why we are in so much trouble. We have come to accept urban violence. It makes it easier to ignore.


Boston is not in trouble they

Boston is not in trouble they will most likely barely even have 40 murders this year again. one bad week doesnt mean anything. Baltimore has 17 murders so far this year its 3 weeks in. Indianapolis which isnt much bigger than Boston had over 140 last year. Boston is fine


and Greater Boston, especially the urban area that surronds it, is population wise far larger than Indianapolis and many othercities technically bigger on paper. If you included all the murders within 128 1-95, my guess would be it would still be under 100, and that's a very large heavily urbanized area.

So much of the urbanized parts of America are absolute warzones with horribly high murder rates and run down cities, even the downtowns of many big and small U.S. cities pale by comparison to Boston and a small handful of other cities. When many people come to Boston/Cambridge they are often shocked when comparing it to cities they are familiar with.

That said, Boston is a big place with plenty of crime,violent and non violent, people shouldn't be lulled into thinking it's an urban theme park. But our murder rate is low.

Murders not so bad?..

Considering the square mileage where these occur and the proximity to the finest teaching hospitals in the country We should be horrified by the total numbers of shootings a year.

I realize that zero is

I realize that zero is impossible to achieve, but I find the way in which we all (not just the poster here) find it so easy to dismiss human lives, however they may have been lived, as statistics within a range of acceptability to be very unfortunate.


From my personal experience

From my personal experience there are a couple of ways to become dismissive of death(natural, unnatural, murder or suicide). One being, that you don't personalize it. In this case if you have no real emotional ties to the death it's much easier to accept what it is, a murder in boston. The other is that you've seen enough of it that you're "desensitized" to it and accept that it happens.

I don't think you can ever really be desensitized to the death of someone you have an emotional attachment to. But I think one can be desensitized to the idea that a murder in the city of boston is "just another murder in the city of boston" when they have no immediate connection to the deceased.

If that makes any sense.

Being desensitized is one

Being desensitized is one thing. What you may not have seen from a particular anon (also "somewon" and other aliases) that others of us have seen in the comments is the disdain for Boston having gotten "soft" over the years, as though fewer murders than other major cities is a bad thing. When that commenter says Boston "should" have higher numbers right now, he/she says it with disappointment. That's where the frustration in the replies comes from.

Feels got nothing to do with it

Boston may or may not have a low murder rate for a city of its size and location. I don't know.

Maybe if I "FEEL" harder, people will stop making bad decisions to kill each other over stupid gang stuff, but I'm not counting on it.

If self righteous indignation helps you get through the day though, have at it.

I'm self-righteous? Okay. I

I'm self-righteous? Okay. I'm just making a point that we sometimes don't think about the callousness of our statements. I include myself in that sometimes. Next time I'll just keep quiet. That fixes everything.

Low for the city as a whole

Low for the city as a whole perhaps, but how do neighborhoods like Geneva Bowdin look? Are they on par with other rough urban neighborhoods around the country? Big picture aside, the front porch reality is what people are dealing with.

Does shotspotter save lives?

Listening to the police scanner, I wonder if some of the decrease in deaths is because spotshotter activations bring first responders to the scene so quickly and accurately.

The other night I heard one of the first officers on the scene of an "8 shots fired" incident call for EMS. The dispatcher replied that EMS was already on the way, and an officer immediately respond that EMS had arrived. That must help save lives.

For some reason there was no shotspotter activation on this incident last night.

I would think shotspotter

I would think shotspotter does have some benefits to it. Does it save lives? I'd say maybe it has by preventing a shot person from bleeding out on the street and dying, since first responder times are improved due to the technology. This has also led to a number of arrests because of the quicker responses. So maybe you can say it did save another life by taking an alleged shooter off the street.

I think another benefit is that it can map out where the shots are coming from and see a pattern of violence. If it's increased in a certain area the PD can saturate that area with more resources. Plus, the cops know who the players are in those areas and they can focus their attention on individuals in the area. Without the shotspotter more calls could go unreported and the next morning police could get a call for a dead body in the street.



We might get up to 100 by the end of the year if things keep going at this rate. Time for Walsh to implement stop and frisk along with tougher illegal gun laws and get those thugs locked up before some innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire. Less guns on the streets, and people might start pulling their pants up and acting more civilized.

No need for more laws to

No need for more laws to punish law abiding citizens and get ignored by criminals.

Get our sissy judges to stop throwing out or allowing the pleading out of the mandatory minimums for existing gun laws EVERY SINGLE TIME. We have thugs that should have been locked up for decades from previous illegal gun charges walking around with GPS ankle bracelets shooting even more people because of pansy judges cutting deals and waving charges like drunken salesmen at a Vegas convention.

Witnesses, the police, and DA's keep working hard to put the same criminals behind bars only to have some robed wonder decide to give out another chance to 'rebuild their life'.

Ever wonder why these people are always "known to police" and have a record longer than the phonebook yet walk around without a care in the world? Look to the bozos on the bench.


Since I'm apparently already

Since I'm apparently already being self-righteous…is it really necessary to use the word sissy? Probably not the right forum, but I think we can upgrade the dialogue enough to avoid veiled sexist/homophobic slurs when addressing a serious issue in a city that I think we all care about.

I'm going to start calling myself the self righteous sheriff now.


The gun

Another person killed by a gun. Not another murder from poison or a knife. Just meant to shoot a deer but hit a person on a city street.

Blaming inanimate objects for

Blaming inanimate objects for the actions of people is condoning behavior. If someone is a violent person with no regard for life they will find or invent the means to do harm regardless of the legality.

Just NRA/Gun Lobby propaganda

The tired old NRA/Gun Lobby mantra "Guns don't kill people--people kill people" is just an excuse for bullying various lawmakers here in the United States overall out of passing stronger, more affective gun laws. Guns are a weapon of war--they're designed and built to do precisely that; kill other human beings.

Bowdoin st Geneva Humboldt

Bowdoin st Geneva Humboldt and Blue Hill Ave are just as tough as any hoods in America dudes from other hoods come through and say its not a soft block none of you hung there so stop preaching something you know nothing about sound stupid

not at all actually go to

not at all actually go to East Oakland, West Baltimore.North Philly, Camden, Gary, East Detroit etc ETC ETC and they're all similar to size in Boston hoods but get so much more murders and actions

Could just be somewon....

... with a bunch of sock puppets posts. I can't believe there would be so many saying we shouldn't worry about any murders here because are crime statistics are comparatively low. Statistics are not what gets killed or injured -- friends, neighbors, relatives -- these are who gets killed (or _merely_ shot or stabbed or beaten up).

Geneva, "H-block" and Blue

Geneva, "H-block" and Blue Hill Ave are not nearly as tough as the poor neighborhoods in other cities. Hopefully you realize that's a good thing. There is too much money in Boston and too many police for any of these places to be as hood as you claim they are. People sell drugs via cell phones now so there's no reason to shoot each other over blocks. Most people are sick of losing their friends and relatives to gun violence and realize that shooting someone just because they're from a different gang is absolutely insane. Gun violence is way down and will hopefully keep going down each year as it has been.

I used to live right near Blue Hill Ave and also briefly lived pretty close to Humboldt. I've walked all over those neighborhoods day and night with zero problems. I'm white. Never had my car broken into or my house. Heard gunshots every now and then but that's about it. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the south where you can't even go if you're white. You can't stop at red lights, you can't turn down certain blocks, there are shootings every single day of the year, there are places where police don't even go. None of this happens in Dorchester or Roxbury. Even Lawrence or south New Bedford are far more "hood" than Geneva or Blue Hill Ave. NYC has had the biggest reduction in crime ever and is still much more dangerous than Boston. I actually can't even think of a city of comparable size or larger that is safer than Boston. Not just statistically but based on my own personal experience and stories I've heard from friends who grew up in or live in these areas.

Not true guys come from those

Not true guys come from those areas and get robbed and guys from up here pump drugs in New Bedford your not getting point pointless to have these convos via typing we should all meet up lock us in room and have this Convo most men I've met from other cities can't fight there way out of paper bag most people can have their opinion like to see how people react when its in their face and no gun to grab

I hung at 280 Humboldt for 3

I hung at 280 Humboldt for 3 years I never seen you walking around day or night I also am white I got stabbed at the bus stop a Seaver and Humboldt in early 2012 so please don't tell me what goes on in that area stop telling fables