Man shot to death in Mattapan

He was shot in the head, around 11:30 p.m. near Messenger Street, Brian D'Amico reports. And he was declared dead not long after, BEMS Incidents reports.

This is Boston's first murder in nearly three weeks, following a double murder less than a mile away on Rosewood Street.

2014 murders in Boston.




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Comments gives the name and gives the name and how they died and age they pretty credible and the 14 year old shooting his bro was about a mile away from bolth those shootings I think that's worth mentioning it just shows were the neighborhood is going plus its in Mattapan

There has always been a

There has always been a pattern with homicide and weather. Summer always has higher murder rates (more people out and about, heat irrability, teens out of school, etc.) The true test of this trend will be tested then. But as long as they're not young white women, its just another number, right?

Violence needs to stop

This is very sad, The violence needs to stop in these neighborhoods, and it seem like the city is letting people kill off each other. at the end of the day no man should be ending another mans life...This all needs to stop , this is very sad the fact that these young men are jus a few words on a newspaper when in reality they are more than that....RIP KG you will be truly missed.......we need peace in our streets