Two stabbed in the Back Bay, three sought

Hereford crime scene. Photo by Flea.

Two people were stabbed around 2:30 p.m. at 66 Hereford St. Both were taken to local hospitals.

Police are looking for three suspects, all black, all young, all thin: A woman, 5'7" with blue-dyed hair, in a black coat; another woman, about 5'6" in a pink and gray knit hat and a long beige coat; and a man, 5'11" to 6' in a black puffy coat.

Police are also looking for a 2006 gray Infiniti, occupied by two women, that was spotted around 3:10 p.m. stopping on Ring Road to pick up a black man who was bleeding. It has Mass. plates: 952-GN4.

UPDATE: The Globe reports two groups of young women got into a fight; one group had a knife-packing young man along.




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young and thin?

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a black puffy coat? is that sean john? im geting really tired of all this age and weight profiling.


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Is a mess at Park St. Even for the MBTA. Assuming they're holding green line trains due to this?

Anyone know why the Globe

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Anyone know why the Globe never reports on physical descriptions of suspects, or wait, why the Globe only describes suspects if they're white?

Because, saying anything

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Because, saying anything remotely negative about anyone who isn't white is racist. If you disagree with Obama, you are racist. That's how the free world works.

Because you don't know how newspapers work

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Maybe some people can give me some examples of where the Globe has done this, but I'm going to bet they mostly write about people after they've been arrested. Once that's happened, their race isn't relevant for the purposes of finding the suspect, as opposed to something like, say, this post, where it might be (yes, on the odd chance a UHub visitor actually sees a gray Infiniti with three people in it), but again, the Globe crime stories tend to be after the fact.

You can put the "reverse-racism" card away

I don't know if it was originally in the article, but it's there now:

"Police described one suspect as a black male in his 20s with a thin build, about 5 feet 11, wearing a puffy jacket and a blue shirt and sneakers. The second suspect was described as a black female between 18 and 20 with a thin build, about 5 feet 7. She wore a black coat and blue jeans."

I would also like to posit that maybe, just maybe, the reason why the Globe and the so-called Liberal Media don't jump the gun on the whole "It was a Black guy!" thing and instead wait for the descriptions to be confirmed by police is because of years of "It was a Black guy!" You know, like Charles Stuart, Susan Smith . . .


self righteous anger prevents reading comprehension and facts sometimes get in the way of an honest argument.


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In what world is young, thin, and black not a description?

Why - because the French

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Why - because the French Consul advised their citizens to stay out of a district that had 20 homicides last year? I'm sure you spend your vacations in murder zones.