Fields Corner fight leaves two stabbed

Police found a man slashed in the chest around 6:35 p.m. outside 1445 Dorchester Ave. Not long after, a second man was found with a cut hand and a puncture wound to his ear behind the building. Both are expected to survive.



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Fields corner

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Wasn't someone shot last week at the station and another stabbed on Dot ave, what's going on?

Good question

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There does seem to be more going on - around the three Red Line stations, and Dot. Ave. Related question: are there regular police details at the Fields Corner, Shawmut, and Ashmont T stations?


Just an observation: why is

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Just an observation: why is it that any mention of something happening in Dorchester always seems to get people commenting & conjecturing but posts on shootings & stabbings in Roxbury, Mattapan or the South End never seem to generate as much attention? Stuff is happening all across the city but stuff happening in Dorchester always seems to get the most attention from commenters.


I understand that but a lot

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I understand that but a lot of the comments come from people who live outside of Dorchester, many of whom probably don't know that it's the largest and most populous neighborhood in Boston. I;d think there'd be more interest in violent crimes in neighborhoods that are smaller than Dorchester since it would likely be "closer to home" to more people.


Some thoughts

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First, I have to say that you are probably too sensitive about Dorchester comments. They are made about Roxbury, Mattapan, Brighton, East Boston, and around here especially South Boston. Do you ever read the comments here when the topic is South Boston? I think that if Adam found a story about a bicycle being used as a space saver, the whole site would overload and shut down.

Second, it reflects the diversity, in its many forms, of the neighborhood. In short, there are people outside of the neighborhood who have strong feelings about it. A lot of people couldn't care less about Roxbury, Mattapan, or the South End, but the South Shore is full of people who grew up in, or whose parents grew up in and have fond memories of, Dorchester. When something happens in Fields Corner, I think about wandering the area with my friends back in the early 1980s, when it was a seemingly safer, more tranquil time. Our parents would set us loose at 9AM with instructions to be back by supper time. Savin Hill Park, Carson Beach, these were the places.

Anyway I digress. In short, don't take it too bad. It's better people comment than them not caring.


I saw this yesterday. still

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I saw this yesterday. still daylight I was going to get ice cream. saw the guy behind the building blood all over his face. my stomach felt sick after seeing that. wonder why that happened.

I know the answer

It's because, while foot patrols have a certain amount of "feel good" power, extensive amounts of data collected in many cities over long periods of time show that foot patrols don't really have much impact on the level of crime.