New Hampshire man charged as JFK/UMass groper

Transit Police report arresting a man from Manchester, NH on charges he groped a woman at the JFK/UMass Red Line stop Saturday evening.

According to police, Charles Williams, 54, was arrested in the station not long after the alleged attack:

The victim stated as she was walking up the stairs leading to the station a male walking parallel to her suddenly grabbed her and then Indecently Assaulted her. The victim was able to point out the suspect who was still inside the station.

Williams was charged with indecent assault and battery, police say, adding he was also wanted in Lawrence on a warrant for possession of a Class B substance.

Innocent, etc.



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Drugs seem to be at the root of a lot of recent crap

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Makes me wonder if we don't need a whole different system to treat drug offenses with mandatory rehab rather than fines and jail. I keep seeing crimes in the news that are clearly being committed either to pay for drugs or as a result of people who are too drug-addled to know right from wrong (this case likely being the latter.)


Makes me wonder if we don't need a whole different system to treat drug offenses with mandatory rehab rather than fines and jail.

The deuce you say! Are you implying that incarceration is not the healthiest environment for someone suffering from drug addiction??

But that would require

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But that would require opening sanitariums again. The whole outpatient social work paper pusher,methadone clinic, and prison industrial complexes would lose so much money if they had to compete with another type of facility!

Where would we even build them? Mayors and governors have made sure all the old hospitals were sold off to developer buddies for pittances a long time ago.

So does being from NH

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I suppose it's not all that surprising that NH sleezebags and petty criminals come to MA to work too.

New Hampshire is our Mexico: We go there for vacation and they come here to work.

Speaking as a former Manchvegan …

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I lived in Manchvegas for a couple of years before coming here, and I have no plans to return, nearly a decade later. (I grew up in Nashua, which is somewhat less sleazy. Somewhat.)

I was not surprised at all to see that a gentleman arrested for perverted and indecent behaviour was from Manchester. I lived there long enough to expect that one.

Suspect Found Innocent 1/13/15

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On 1/13/2015 suspect was found not guilty. You are guilty until proven innocent. This was a waste of tax payers money. This victim clearly needs help!