Police: Gun suspect punches cop, reaches for gun, but is subdued

Boston Police report subduing a man who punched an officer - and reached for a loaded gun - while being arrested around 7 p.m. on Monday at 3 Bakersfield St. in Dorchester.

According to police, officers on special patrol due to an uptick in violence near that location sniffed the smell of burning marijuana while passing three guys hanging out there.

As officers approached the individuals, who were later determined to be trespassing, one of the individuals refused to provide proper identification. During a pat frisk of the individual for safety purposes, officers felt an object consistent with a firearm in the suspect’s front pocket. At that time, the suspect struck the officer with a closed fist and attempted to flee the area. Officers were able to apprehend the suspect before he could make good on his escape. During the struggle, the suspect attempted to access the firearm. Officers were able to gain control of the suspect and place him under arrest. Officers recovered a loaded semi-automatic Kel Tec pistol.

Anthony Rodrigues, 27, of Dorchester, was charged with possession of a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers and assault and battery on a police officer. The two guys with him were charged with trespassing.

Innocent, etc.



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Did they take away his gun license?

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I certainly hope that taking away the gun license is part of the cops routine in such cases; otherwise, who knows, you could end up with repeat offenses by the perp, right? I mean, these guys have GUNS - they MUST know the gun laws, right??? No wonder so many in this state are anti-gun!!!

At any rate, the Gun Owners Action League has most likely revoked his membership by now. I believe they move swiftly to do this.

Boy, this sort of thing really does give other lawful gun owners a bad name...ya know?

He didn't have a license or

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He didn't have a license or he wouldn't have been charged under G.L. c. 269, § 10 (a )

he was breaking the law by merely possessing the firearm


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Really, Bob?