After Allston car crash, men battle firefighters, EMTs until police arrive to quell the violence

A car crash at Brighton and Harvard avenues shortly after 11:30 p.m. turned into a violent melee when at least three people attacked the firefighters and EMTs who arrived to help, throwing repeated punches as firefighters kept radioing for police help.

Once police arrived, they made "multiple arrests," according to Boston EMS Incidents.

UPDATE: Three arraigned; say they didn't start the fight.



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Total guess

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Firefighter: "Your buddy is wasted and we need to get him checked out at the hospital for things like alcohol poisoning."

Drunken Friend: "No way, man."

Firefighter: "I can't let any of you drive away from here, you're all too drunk."

Drunks: "Wanna fight about it?"

But that's just completely guessing.

From what I saw a girl got

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From what I saw a girl got hit by a car and they wouldn't let her boyfriend go with her in the ambulance so he got pissed..and then belligerent.


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You're no fun.

Another guess? The blown

Another guess? The blown transformer took out the light on that corner. That corner's a mess on the best of days. Drunken "I'll decide who has the right of way" collision. Drunken "You hurt my car/manhood" shouting match. Indiscriminate throwing of punches ensues.

I haven't lived in Allston in almost 20 years, so please correct me if this nonsense doesn't happen there anymore.

Sounds familiar.

I lived in that eraserhead neighborhood where Lincoln Street is cheek by jowl with the pike back in 83 or so.

It looks like the main change has been the rent so you have a more affluent run of drunk louts.


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Don't forget the turnpike divides Allston into two distinct neighborhoods. The accident/mini-riot was in "upper Allsron" still a BU stronghold chaulk full with bars, pizza joints, and meat heads.

The transformer took out power in Lower Alllston.

Lower Allston is a mellow mix of old ladies, townies, and transplants with tattoos and guitars. Now the 'hood sports flower and veggie gardens, a farmers market, and babies. The neighbors may have spacers and a sleve, but we are the respectable Allston.

No puke on the sidewalks down here, come visit!

Lower Allston

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... definitely an interesting place. And there's still the occasional DIY punk show, too.

Thanks for making the

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Thanks for making the distinction. The nicest part of Lower Allston is being able to leave the circus, cross the bridge, and be back on our comparatively silent street.