Shooting at Stony Brook T stop

Stony Brook scene. Photo by Vera.

UPDATE: Suspect identified and sought.

Stanley Staco reports somebody was shot at the entrance to the Stony Brook Orange Line station around 7:55 p.m. - and that the gunman may have gotten off as many as eight shots.

Transit Police report the victim, 23, is expected to survive.



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As a resident of JP I see Transit Police on bicycles and cars but I never see them in the stations but at least they are in the neighborhood. I can't remember the last time I saw the state police on the parklands.


I see them in the stations

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I see them in the stations all the time. I also see the park constantly being patrolled. keep trying, you'll find someone to blame.



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I'm calling nonsense on this one. The park is almost NEVER patrolled by the state police. I do frequently see the Transit PD at Forest Hills, but less often at other subway platforms where they don't have a station.

That's not to say that the police are to blame. Clearly the asshole with the gun is to blame. But don't pretend the Southwest corridor is properly patrolled, because it isn't.


I've reported potential crime

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I've reported potential crime on the SW Corridor Park across from Stonybrook and the Transit and Boston Police both shrugged it off, saying that is the State Police's jurisdiction and they generally don't come into Boston.

Now I don't even walk on that side of the street when I'm alone even during the day.


Don't you love the whole "not

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Don't you love the whole "not our jurisdiction" excuse. If I remember correctly, they took an oath for the commonwealth of massachusetts and have a duty to act. I don't get how an agency can say "not my area". All they do is delay an appropriate response.


The SWC isn't in Boston

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It's state land, DCR. There are other places "in Boston" that aren't in Boston, like the Esplanade and Carson Beach, that get patrolled by State Police. In those other places, though, there's a State Police barracks adjacent. I don't know of one on or near the SWC and of course it goes right by the BPD HQ. Maybe it's time for the state to give it to Boston so it can get patrolled by police that are actually there.

BPD has presence

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The BPD patrols the esplanade constantly. Which makes these "not my jurisdiction" excuses ring all the more hollow.

BPD has Concurrent Jurisdiction on DCR properties in Boston

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I cannot put my hands on it at the moment, but there is a session law (I cannot remember if it was ever codified into the General Laws, but from a legal perspective, it doesn't matter) giving the local police concurrent jurisdiction over DCR (formerly MDC) properties. I believe that it dates from the early 90s, but I can't remember for sure. I also believe that it applies to all MDC properties and all towns/cities in which those lands sit.

And before everyone gets exercised about Massport lands in South Boston or Logan Airport, those are not the same as DCR lands, and are subject to different laws (its a tangled mess involving Massport's Enabling Act (never codified into the General Laws), and another set of session laws concerning policing authority at Logan).

It could be worse though - you could have to deal with the session law from the 70s allowing Boston/Brookline/Newton police to exercise certain powers in the adjoining municipality(ies) within a certain distance of the municipal line (I think either 500 feet or 500 yards)! Fancy that!

That shouldn't happen

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What crime did you see that BPD ignored? If it was serious--violence, or significant property damage-- they should have called it in to the Staties. If that happens and they don't, get a badge number.

I've never witnessed a serious crime at Stony Brook myself, though my boyfriend has. Nevertheless, I've reported minor problems like limbs down or grafitti to Citizen's Connect. and the city has always relayed it to the right state agency.

I hope you don't let a fear like this interfere with your enjoyment of the park. I've lived within 10 minutes of Stony Brook all but a handful of years since 1996. Without downplaying the serious crimes that have occurred, Stony Brook and the south west corridor are generally safe, especially during the day. The only daytime violence I recall targeted a young guy either dealing or somehow associated with dealers, and that was at least five years ago. I don't remember the details, except that the guy's sister became an anti-gang, anti street violence activist in JP.

If you are concerned about crime, or feel unsafe, please come to one of the community meetings addressing this that are held in JP. We laugh about how activist JP is, especially those of us who live here, but this is the type of situation that can actually benefit from the community organizations. The JPNDC has a neighborhood "meet your local cops" thing at least once a year, just so we can voice what you're most worried about. The Hyde Square Task force has a lot going on regarding teen/MBTA police relations that has actually been very effective. Keep an eye on the JP Gazette for upcoming meetings on local crime.


"potential crime"?

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What is a "potential crime"? Either a crime is being committed or it has been committed. Other than that, no crime exists.

I'm not on the SWC Park a lot, and when I am it is mostly midday, but I do recall seeing staties on the paths at dusk. Patrolling in their cars.

Why BRA?

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It should be BHA - either bring in the housing police and toss all the thugs out, or bring in the bulldozers.

Bulldoze what?

What building at Stony Brook do you want to see demolished? (Not the brewery, I hope.)

Because the BRA actually

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Because the BRA actually thinks that they can gentrify these idiots by developing affordable housing and "beautifying" the area of Stonybrook/Hyde Square/Jackson. They need to concentrate on cleaning up the rampant drugs, prostitution, dealing and pimping before they try to build "green" and gentrify these areas. Have you been down Jackson lately on the 1st and the 3rd of every month on a warm summer evening lately? No further questions.

The JPNDC, BRA, etc. will

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The JPNDC, BRA, etc. will never solve these issues utilizing the same tired tactics they have been using for years. Living in a building which the JPNDC was involved in "developing" has really driven the point home that they are incompetent hacks, but that's besides the point.

Whether people [read: "progressives"] like it or not, these behaviors are institutionalized in the culture of the urban underclass. We need to stop being so politically correct and sensitive and call a spade a spade - call these communities out for their failures instead of coddling them with subsidies, caretakers and welfare checks.

Talk your average project dweller and ask them what value they place on education. Ask them what makes you a "man". Ask them if they see any way out of their situation. Those answers will tell you definitively that the current idiotic approach in MA does not work.

You won't get a reply

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These people would go out and stage a shooting to keep anything from changing.

Because a couple idiot thugs with guns should control the whole urban planning process.

At Jackson less than 3 hours prior

There were two young men at Jackson Sq waiting for the same train as me, and then some guy who seemed to know who they were kept telling them to come upstairs. They kept responding that he should come down the stairs to them, but he kept telling them to come up. A minute later a much larger guy came confidently down the stairs and the two on the platform began retreating to the end of the platform. "Confident guy" kept asking them, "Yo, where you from? Where you guys from? Why are you here? Where you from?" to which they kept responding, "I don't know, where YOU from?" I couldn't really understand what was going on, and couldn't hear much else, but I just assume it was some sort of gang/project rivalry. The two got on the same train car as me, and then "confident guy" and the "come upstairs" guy held the doors open and kept telling them to get off, come upstairs, etc. Suddenly a large group of guys came down the stairs shouting and I fully expected the two to get dragged off the train and beat/stabbed/something. An inspector happened to be on the train, ran down, shoved the antagonists out of the door and told them to back off.

Sorry for the story, I just can't help but wonder if what I saw was related in some way.


Please Report this

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Witnesses or anyone with information on the incident are asked to call the Transit Police Criminal Investigation Unit at 617-222-1050. You can text anonymous tips to 873873.