Gunpoint robbery in Chinatown

Around midnight on Tyler Street. Police are looking for two suspects: Both Asian males in black T-shirts, one with short hair, the other with a baseball cap. They ran towards Harrison Avenue and Marginal Road.



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Something must have happened

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Something must have happened because when I go to your website (as I often do) on my phone an app pops up each time.. Some downloadable Kim kardashian app. Not sure what the hell I clicked on or of it's a virus but thought I would tell you. Weird .


I just visited on my Android

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I just visited on my Android device, and never once ran into the pop-up you talked about. That app is apparently a super popular game (ugh), but I have no idea why it'd be popping up on a website like Uhub. Definitely sounds like a virus.

My apologies; I *think* I've finally fixed it

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But please let me know if I'm wrong! Every time I think I've licked the problem, it comes back, but last night I just stripped out all the ads I personally am not running (i.e., things such as Google Ads), which should have, finally, fixed it.

There are a couple of things going on: One is that the mobile-detect software I'm using isn't working very well, especially with Chrome on iOS, so you're probably actually getting the desktop version of the site (the way you can tell now: If you see a site menu at the top with red links, that's actually the desktop version).

By itself, no big deal, since the desktop version is "responsive," i.e., it displays OK, if not very glamorously, on smartphones, at least (no idea what it looks like on an iPad, probably ugly but still readable).

And the actual mobile templates I'm running don't have Google Ads on them.

Unfortunately, neither Google nor Apple seem to be doing anything about a series of "affiliate" advertisers, who are responsible for those annoying pop-ups/redirects to the Apple Store or Google Play. If you're on a mobile device and you're getting the desktop version of the site and a Google Ad happens to be on the page, well, Google's ad server does a better job at detecting you're on a mobile device than my software and grabs a mobile-specific ad, which in many cases is one of those redirects.

To be honest, I can't just disable Google Ads altogether because they do pretty well for me. And people actually using old-fashioned desktops or laptops don't have this problem. What I did last night, though, is finally strip out all the ads I have not personally hard-coded into the page for mobile users (using a separate piece of software that seems to actually work, but at the price of also stripping out stuff such as the list of recent comments).

But again, I thought I'd fixed this before, so please let me know if you still see these things (along with which device and browser you're using).


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I thought indifference and discussing things way off topic was only reserved for"ghetto"crime. Refreshing to see someone being robbed is trumped by app issues and the mention of a Kardashian.