Police say Sullivan Square panhandler beat man who wouldn't give him money


UPDATE: Noor ordered held without bail pending a Sept. 17 hearing on violating conditions in his conviction on the attack last year, the DA's office reports.

Transit Police report arresting a Malden man they say began beating another man who wouldn't give him money at the Sullivan Square T stop around 12:15 a.m. today.

Just last month, Mohamed Noor, 28, pleaded guilty to beating a T worker at Roxbury Crossing. He got a 2 1/2 year sentence, but it was suspended on condition he stay away from T stops - and not beat anybody - for four years, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to Transit Police, Noor went up to a man in the Sullivan busway and asked him for money.

The victim informed Noor he did not have any money and upon hearing this Noor began to physically beat the victim knocking him to the ground.

Once on the ground Noor continued his violent assault, fortunately the victim was able to break free and ran to an MBTA bus where a quick acting bus operator was able to close the door behind him preventing Noor, who was in pursuit, from entering. Noor began to pound on the bus demanding the operator open the door. Upon hearing approaching police sirens in the background Noor abandoned his attempt to gain entry and vacated the area.

Police say officers continued to look for him - and found him sitting in a bus about to leave the lower busway, shirtless. He was arrested and charged with unarmed assault with intent to rob. Police say he refused to cooperate at booking and gave several false names, so they added a charge of providing a false name at booking.

His victim was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Innocent, etc.



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Yep, again

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Thanks for the head's up. Just added in info from the DA's office on the disposition of that case. Bottom line: He's in a spot of trouble now.

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Doesn't sound like an

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Doesn't sound like an aggressive panhandler to me, but aggravated assault and robbery. Guy should be held on high bail until sentencing.

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I hope he doesn't have to ask

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I hope he doesn't have to ask anyone for bail money. That could get ugly.

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Which prophet? Henry David Thoreau? Protagoras? Nonviolence certainly does not belong to any religion - as all these religious wars have proven. For true nonviolence he'll have to study the Humanists.

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*Tips fedora*

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*Tips fedora*

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Am I taking crazy pills?

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You commit a violent crime, then your two and a half year sentence is suspended if you stay away from the place where you committed the violent crime?
Does not compute. Do judges think that putting violent people in a different place makes them not violent? When you beat someone, and you plead guilty to it, and you're sentenced to a term in prison, your ass should go to jail.
Aaron Schwartz was going to go to jail for decades for "stealing" public record journal articles.
Bradley Manning is in jail for exposing war crimes.
Ed Snowden would get a life sentence for telling the American people that their government has burnt the constitution and is constantly trampling on their rights.

This guy beats the shit out of someone...nothing.

I honestly don't get the "justice" system. It makes zero sense to me.

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