Man shot on Newbury Street early Sunday

Around 2:10 a.m. at Clarendon Street, the Globe reports. This was about the same time as seven people were being stabbed a few blocks away in the Theater District.



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Only 390 Meters From The French Consulate!

Mon Dieu! I hope they post a warning about how dangerous that neighborhood is for their citizens.

Hate to rattle an old click bait but between this and things getting all stabby around Royale again, I hope people can change their thinking on what areas of Boston are safe and not safe.

Please don't try to reason that this is a random one time thing either. Downtown and the Back Bay is more dangerous after dark than a lot of other areas of Boston that are considered to be unsafe.

No supporting data

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If you don't consider Back Bay safe, then what area of Boston do you?

There is no data supporting that Back Bay and Downtown are more dangerous that Dorchester.

...not sure how Adam's post

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...not sure how Adam's post could have offended you so much. No one is under the impression that downtown and the Back Bay are Disney-esque bastions of safety.

L'etoile d'or a Adam

I hope that's right. There's an arrogance on public perceptions of the go and no go areas of the city. I've seen people shot in the South End, I've been jumped in Harvard Square, I had my car broken into on Beacon Hill. Not a scratch in all the years I lived in Dot.

It might be my one experience is an outlier but keep your guard up outside of Cole Hahn and the NEGHS.

Ya know what?

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No area is safe if people like you keep hiding under the bed and pronouncing it to be so by fiat.

oh ya

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Fiats are not safe AT ALL. They buckle like a tin can at the slightest fender bender.

Don't wander around drunk and

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Don't wander around drunk and/or high and avoid male prostitutes and you will be fine.