Attack on the Esplanade: Man jumped and robbed, police have two under arrest but can't find the victim

State Police report they are looking for a man they say was jumped and robbed by four teens on the Esplanade around 8:25 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20.

State Police say they have two of the four - both 15 - in custody, but are seeking the public's help in finding the victim, to the point of releasing surveillance photos of him:

Witnesses called police to report the assault and robbery. The victim, however, left the scene before police arrived. State Police from Troop H located and arrested two of the suspects, 15-year-old males from Boston, later that night and recovered the bike from them. Troopers are investigating the identities of the other two suspects and have developed strong leads.

They add:

If you are this victim, or know who he is, or have any further information about this incident, please call the State Police Boston Barracks at 617-727-6780.



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surprising the victim hasnt

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surprising the victim hasnt come forward.

Maybe he thought that it would be impossible to recover the bike and didn't want to go through a hassle.

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My theory

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He might be an immigrant or international student and is hesitant to report this. And no, this is none of this Trumpland nonsense. I've found for years that some immigrants, even ones that are here legally, are just quiet about things, trying not to make too many waves. Hopefully someone hears this story who knows the guy and gets him to come forward. If anything, he can get his bike back.

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Maybe the bike was already

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Maybe the bike was already stolen or cheap enough that the victim didn't think it was worth the hassle of paperwork and a potential court appearance.

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He's been sideswiped and doored on his bike a dozen times and for some reason isn't 100% confident that the BPD will give him any satisfaction

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Maybe a drug deal gone bad. Why would a victim be on the lam?

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Crime victims do not go "on the lam." They do not have to wait for the police or report.

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Poor little bunny

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Will the misandry ever cease?

Or am I talking to your alter ego, Miss Ogyny?

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