Police nab teen they say was was walking around with two loaded guns near where other teen was gunned down

Boston Police report arresting a Brockton 16-year-old on various gun charges around 10:25 p.m. yesterday at 42 Horan Way - hours after somebody else began firing a gun nearby on Centre Street and not even a day after Gerrod Brown, also 16, was murdered around the corner on Parker Street.

Police say gang officers were patrolling the Mildred Hailey (formerly Bromley-Heath) project when they came upon the teen, not named because of his age. They charged him with being deliquent on two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, two counts of unlawful possession of ammunition and two counts of carrying a loaded firearm - specifically, a loaded .32 caliber Smith & Wesson Model CTGE32 revolver and a loaded .22 caliber (LR) Phoenix Arms Model HP22 handgun.



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last night on the news

Last night on the news as part of the report on Gerrod Brown's murder, Boston Police chided the community for not helping police find the killer. Good old fashion police work caught an armed teen. We'll see if he's Gerrod's killer or not soon.

That letter

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With respect, the letter from the tenant's association asks for more police and cameras. It doesn't mention if members of the community are willing to identify the kids who are carrying guns and involved in tit-for-tat shootings.

Commissioner Evans doesn't seem like the type to throw stones without cause. I hope people will use the anonymous tip lines or do what it takes to keep themselves and their community safe.

Why is a guy from Brockton

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Why is a guy from Brockton hanging late at night in the projects of Boston with a gun?

Because shady guys in

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Because shady guys in Brockton have connections with shady guys in Boston

It's like any city, no?

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For some reason a year ago I would randomly drive around the greater Boston area. Several times I would hit Brockton. Some areas are really nice, while other areas looked, well, sketchy. Guess which parts most of us see on TV? My take is that it is like Dorchester- mostly a great place with really bad parts that make some (like the French Government) think that it is unsafe.

My guess is that if you're a

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My guess is that if you're a gun-carrying 16 year old, your home environment/living situation is probably not the most stable. In my experience working with teens like this, they're forced to bounce around from relatives' and friends' houses. Not so shocking his last known address was Brockton, even if he was staying with someone in B-H.

Wrong question

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What is a 16 year old from Brockton doing in Jackson Square at 10:45 PM on a school night with a gun?

Going to his cousin's candle

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Going to his cousin's candle lighting and may have felt he need two guns to feel safe because the bpd dont do their job

A very American philosophy

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Bringing 2 handguns because it is safer than one handgun.

Of course, if the victim’s “friends” (you know, the ones that were with him when he was killed) were helping law enforcement with their investigation, perhaps the cousin wouldn’t need any gun at all.