One shot in car on Massachusetts Avenue in the Back Bay

Massachusetts Avenue crime scene

Crashed car at Mass. Ave. and Huntington. Photo by Kitty.

UPDATE: Victim identified as Brent Stevenson, 37.

Around 8:05 p.m. About five shots fired, one car crashed, SUV sped off. Homicide unit called in.

Shell casings were found on Mass. Ave. near Newbury Street and near Haviland Street; the crash was at Huntington. Several bystanders suffered minor injuries.

Police are looking for a dark gray RAV 4 with Michigan plates. NBC Boston reports the driver of the SUV and the white car that crashed near Huntington took turns ramming each other before the car driver was shot.

Massachusetts Avenue is shut from Newbury to Huntington. Huntington inbound is shut at Northeastern.

Crime scene near Newbury Street (photo by Paula Tennyson):

Mass. Ave. shooting scene




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Hopefully everyone makes it

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Hopefully everyone makes it through, 8pm is still pretty early for that area to see this kind of stuff but I guess nowhere is safe now. OT but it's cool still seeing the crown vic cruisers still out and about and a little nostalgic.

Good thing Martys

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Getting reelected... So he can continue to ignore the uptick in gun violence.

Too busy dreaming up tax giveaways for Amazon, I suppose.

Stop playing Marty's game by

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Stop playing Marty's game by using the blame shifting term "gun violence". The violence is being perpetrated by violent people which Marty keeps ignoring. Boston has a major drug and gang problem which the Mayor can't be bothered to acknowledge exists. Marty treats unpleasant things like a Harry Potter villain which can't be named because doing so would acknowledge a problem exists which needs to be confronted. The mayor doesn't confront problems. He hides them or hides from them. The city council is no better. Keep chasing after AirBnB, Uber, climate change and other buzzword issues while age old city problems like cycles of hopelessness & criminality, crumbling schools, and underfunded pensions get ignored.

Why can't Boston do better than these clowns? Even the LITERAL CLOWN running for office this time around is better than Marty.

Let's all vote for the clown :)

Then there will be a truly independent voice at City council reporting on what is going on since the media can't/won't do it. (other than Adam!)

At least when the back room deals get done, the $150 million dollar giveaways, the pension padding, money wasted on politicians names on signs, etc., etc. there will be someone reporting about it and trying to make sure our money is spent in the proper way !

Muchas gracias a todos los personas y los payasos!

Do us all a favor and please

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Do us all a favor and please stop being childishly amused by idiots who make a mockery of our democratic process. We already have a dangerous clown in office. Grow up.

Are you serious?

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Look, I'm not a big fan of Marty, but are you implying that Boston was marsh-mallows and unicorns under Tommy? Under Kevin?

Boston (and most cities) have become much, much safer than ever in recent years, and methadone mile is out of control when it comes to needles, petty crime and people pooping in the park. Marty probably deserves some blame and likes to soft-pedal bad news, but that bridge eroded for decades before it was condemned. I think shootings have ticked up from historic lows, but the city is still much safer than at almost any time in 50 years..

Now, I hope BPD can quickly catch the bad guys. And to be honest, I may just vote for the clown.

Wait, wait, you forgot Ray

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Who famously said that there were only x people in Boston (I want to say 250, but that's not an exact quote) who were responsible for most of the violence in the city. That while we were seeing over 100 murders a year.

And though I was as much a critic of Menino as many here are of Walsh, he did post the lowest murder rate seen in my lifetime. Of course, he was mayor for 40% of my lifetime, but still.

Are you seriously comparing

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Are you seriously comparing climate change to AirBNB in terms of issues? You may have noticed that Boston is on the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean levels are rising because the planet has warmed about 2 degrees since 1900 and is continuing to rise. Were you in a coma when NYC was underwater a couple years ago? It caused billions in damage.

Any responsible adult knows that we have to prepare for this incredibly serious issue and do what we can to stop making climate change worse.

If you really wanted to make

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If you really wanted to make a difference, you'd move from Boston into the tropics and return to a hunter/gatherer lifestyle.

But please, virtue signal away, you're edumacated.

I don't necessarily disagree

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I don't necessarily disagree with your overall theme (though I would've expressed it a different way), but geez. Too soon, already, posting while a semi-lockdown was still in place as D4 investigated the scene(s).

I live 100 yards from where the incident seemingly precipitated and was literally texting with neighbors and my employer as you shat your shit on the internet. Something I'm admittedly guilty of myself, so I guess I'll just hope next time we both take a breath and think to ourselves, "Is it too soon to be an utter fuckface?"

Thanks for reading.

Flippant comment made by

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Flippant comment made by someone who expresses no concern for innocent pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who could have easily been injured or killed during this shootout. Enjoy expressing your ignorant, judgemental, Walmart-lovin', armchair suburbanite views online because you are NOT a Boston citizen and CANNOT VOTE in our mayoral election. Stick to the kiddies' pool, anon2.


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You're adorable! >>pinches cheeks<<
Now run back to Mommy's basement, the adults are busy working and voting today.
FWIW, try informing yourself with actual news... Fox and Breitbart don't count.

Out of his league

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But, that's the problem with Walsh as well.

Why do I feel like I did when Coakley / Baker was the choice? These are not the best "leaders" this city has to offer.

"Known to police"

The Globe reports the BPD consider this gang-related and the shooting victim is known to them. Very brazen act for the location and time of day - extremely lucky no bystanders were seriously hurt. The car crashed right at a T bus stop, which is in front of the polling place I will be visiting later today.

Known to police. But not

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Known to police. But not known strict judges who want these Boston gang terrorists off our streets because their doesn't seem to be any in the Commonwealth. Are the laws written only to keep lawyers and courts paid? It seems like too many of the dangerous individuals we read about are all known by police. When I was in my 20s and a bad apple myself, I wasn't a fan of the police. But now that I have a family and care more strongly about safer streets for everyone's kids, I'm on the cops' side. The cops can keep arresting these guys but they can't stop the courtroom revolving door.

Just curious

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Since you were a self-described "bad apple", did you ever get a dose of compassion from a cop or judge that kept you from going to jail?

No. I spent time in jail

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No. I spent time in jail which sucked but I was one of the ones who learned their lesson. What woke me up was having a gun put to my head on Columbus Ave when my girlfriends and I tried to score coke at 3:30 a.m. after clubbing all night back in 1990. Thank God for helping me in my sobriety all these years. Now it seems things are a bit scarier on our streets since I'm looking at it was a sober mind.

If you are a person of your

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If you are a person of your word then turn yourself in for the crimes you have committed, plead guilty, request the maximum sentence and refuse parole.

I don't have to turn myself

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I don't have to turn myself in for crimes I committed. I already spent time in jail for them. Didn't you read? I'm sincere when I say this, believe me. I think so many people lie on social media these days that you're not used to seeing the truth when someone types it.

I think more of the criminals we read about on U Hub should spend more time in jail and keep the rest of us who abide by the law safe.

Michigan plates? Someone must

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Michigan plates? Someone must have thought they were in Detroit. Don't they realize Boston is a safe, well-to-do college town?

With surveillance cameras... virtually every major intersection and many private businesses, I expect they'll identify the RAV pretty quickly. As for the occupant(s) and shooter(s), here's hoping they'll be found quickly too.