Another dead body pops up, this time on South Boston beach

Boston Police report a woman's body was found in the water off the L Street Bathhouse around 9:30 a.m.

The Herald reports, adds to our understanding of the issue by noting in its headline that the body was "topless."

This is at least the third body discovered in the Boston area in a day.



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    bad heroin

    There's been some reports of a particularly strong or bad batch of heroin out there resulting in a number of overdoses -- Stoughton if I recall correctly. We may be seeing a number of folks turning up in this condition, i.e., dead. Let's be careful out there.

    See the news?

    Clueless Yuppies sitting on their beach chairs, crime scene tape surrounding them, and cops all around. Couldn't and wouldn't be bothered by it.


    What exactly are they supposed to do? Bothered to what exactly? Barge into the crime scene and ask the officers if they can help out?? Sounds like the police had it under control.

    I think it's called life in

    I think it's called life in the city. It's not like they weren't aware of it--but what exactly are they supposed to do? Probably, and rightfully, more concerned with their business than that of the police.