Fires in Boston

Datesort ascending Street Neighborhood
Annunciation Road fire scene 2/6/18 - 7:36 pm Woman critically injured in Annunciation Road fire 86 Annunciation Rd. Mission Hill
Fire on Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain 2/6/18 - 10:00 am Fire on Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain 165 Lamartine St. Jamaica Plain
Codman Square fire 1/16/18 - 9:18 am Firefighters battle four-alarm fire in Codman Square 573 Washington St. Dorchester
14 Evelyn St. fire 1/14/18 - 11:10 pm Mattapan triple decker erupts in flames 14 Evelyn St. Mattapan
1/9/18 - 6:00 pm Large fire erupts in Dudley Square 2365 Washington St. Roxbury
Allston Street fire 1/6/18 - 10:10 pm Building goes up in flames in Dorchester 7 Allston St. Dorchester
12 Drayton St. fire 1/6/18 - 3:52 am Two-alarm fire in Dorchester injures firefighter 12 Drayton Ave. Dorchester
Flaming gas main on Hyde Park Avenue 12/31/17 - 6:10 pm Gas main erupts into flames on Hyde Park Avenue; three utility workers injured, nearby homes evacuated 340 Hyde Park Ave. Jamaica Plain
Fire on Hyde Park Avenue 12/26/17 - 5:50 am Firefighter injured in two-alarm Hyde Park fire 1531-1533 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
Stanton Street fire scene 12/24/17 - 11:13 pm Unattended candle starts fire that displaces two in Dorchester 63 Stanton St. Dorchester
Car fire at Warren and Cliffod streets in Roxbury 12/16/17 - 4:55 am Car immolated in Roxbury Warren St. and Clifford St. Roxbury
Firefighters at South Boston project 12/15/17 - 4:21 pm Two-alarm fire at South Boston project injures firefighter 66 Orton Marotta Way South Boston
12/10/17 - 8:05 pm Fire damages building in Roslindale Square 67 Poplar St. Roslindale
Smoking Lake Street manhole 12/10/17 - 7:50 am Fire in the holes: Three manholes explode in Brighton Lake St. Brighton
12/2/17 - 2:04 pm Two-alarm fire displaces ten in East Boston 89 Morris St. East Boston
12/1/17 - 7:45 am Two-alarm fire damages Roxbury house; resident injured jumping from flames 13 Gaston St. Roxbury
Firefighters at 282 Hanover St. 11/22/17 - 1:00 am Smoker starts North End fire that kills two 282 Hanover St. North End
East Boston warehouse fire 11/11/17 - 6:00 pm Waterfront warehouse bursts into flames in East Boston 170 Border St. East Boston
Fire on Newburg Street in Roslindale 11/11/17 - 10:25 am Roslindale house erupts in flames Newburg St. and Belgrade Ave. Roslindale
11/11/17 - 7:50 am Two-alarm fire hits East Boston triple decker 137 Paris St. East Boston
Boston firefighters at fire on Albano Street in Roslindale 11/7/17 - 11:35 pm Three-alarm fire damages Roslindale house 54 Albano St. Roslindale
Inside Mattapan fire scene 10/24/17 - 4:42 am Fire heavily damages commercial block in Mattapan Blue Hill Ave. and Woodrow Ave. Mattapan
Fire on Welles Avenue in Dorchester 10/23/17 - 1:25 am Short circuit sparks two-alarm fire in Dorchester store block 84 Welles Ave. Dorchester
Adams Street fire 9/23/17 - 2:34 am Two-alarm fire damages block on Adams Street in Dorchester 756 Adams St. Dorchester
Langham Hotel fire scene 9/22/17 - 1:00 pm Two-alarm fire sends smoke into Post Office Square hotel 250 Franklin St. Downtown
Firefighters at 4 Vinal St. in Brighton 8/31/17 - 6:15 am Careless smoker sparks fire at Brighton apartment building 4 Vinal St. Brighton
Firefighters work on burning trash truck 8/28/17 - 12:50 pm Flaming trash truck ties up Ted Williams Tunnel Summer St. and World Trade Center Ave. South Boston
Whittemore Street house 8/25/17 - 11:25 pm Charcoal grill sets West Roxbury house on fire 26 Whittemore St. West Roxbury
Firefighters at 72 Beacon St. 8/25/17 - 10:45 pm Beacon Hill building catches on fire 72 Beacon St. Beacon Hill
Firefighters on Goldsmith Street 8/23/17 - 7:50 pm Fire erupts in JP triple decker 12 Goldsmith St. Jamaica Plain
8/11/17 - 12:20 pm Fire in Dorchester house quickly knocked down 5 Drummond St. Dorchester
8/10/17 - 4:00 pm Flames erupt in West Roxbury basement 93 Lasell St. West Roxbury
Battery Wharf fire 8/3/17 - 12:30 pm Rooftop fire on the North End waterfront goes to two alarms 40 Battery Wharf North End
7/3/17 - 4:30 am Dorchester fire displaces 12 114 Hamilton St. Dorchester
7/1/17 - 2:10 pm Abandoned pier in East Boston catches fire 6 New St. East Boston
Treadmark building on fire 6/28/17 - 2:30 pm Fire erupts in six-story residential building under construction near Ashmont T stop 1971 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
6/19/17 - 11:00 pm Good thing the Tobin doesn't have toll booths anymore, because the elevator shaft up to them caught fire Terminal St. Charlestown
6/15/17 - 3:00 pm Firefighters battle brush fires in Stony Brook Reservation Washington St. and Heron St. West Roxbury
Washington Street fire in Roslindale 6/14/17 - 6:50 pm Fire erupts in Roslindale triple decker; spreads to neighboring buildings 3940 Washington St. Roslindale
48 Hazelton St. in Mattapan 6/11/17 - 7:00 am Three-alarm fire damages two houses in Mattapan 48 Hazleton St. Mattapan
6/6/17 - 1:00 am Fire damages West Roxbury home Westmoor Terrace West Roxbury
Fire on Evelyn Street 5/18/17 - 7:47 pm Five-alarm fire in Mattapan three-decker displaces 19, sends five firefighters to the hospital 41 Evelyn St. Mattapan
5/15/17 - 8:30 am Loading-dock fire at Macy's brings firefighters to Downtown Crossing 1 Summer St. Downtown
Neponset Avenue fire 5/10/17 - 12:14 pm Another house fire in Hyde Park, this time on Neponset Avenue 66 Neponset Ave. Hyde Park
247 Harvard St. fire 5/5/17 - 11:50 pm Four-alarm fire in Dorchester three-decker 247 Harvard St. Dorchester
Car on fire on Congress Street near Fort Point Channel 4/24/17 - 9:30 am Flames consume car on Congress Street near the water Congress St. and Sleeper St. South Boston
Cat getting care outside Roxbury fire 4/23/17 - 10:25 am Cat down to eight lives after rescue at Roxbury fire 78 W. Cottage St. Roxbury
Marie Street fire 4/23/17 - 4:00 am Six-alarm fire tears through Dorchester homes 8 Marie St. Dorchester
4/14/17 - 7:05 pm Two-alarm dryer fire knocks out Dudley Square laundromat 1135 Harrison Ave. Roxbury
Clover Street fire in Dorchester 4/14/17 - 3:50 pm Five-alarm fire displaces 16 in Dorchester 9 Clover St. Dorchester
Fire at 36 Lexington Ave. in Hyde Park 4/14/17 - 12:10 pm Resident injured in Hyde Park house fire 36 Lexington Ave. Hyde Park
Fire on 18 Lincoln St. in Hyde Park 4/12/17 - 5:00 pm House catches fire in Hyde Park 18 Lincoln St. Hyde Park
Melnea Cass fire 4/12/17 - 9:30 am Firefighters battle non-metaphorical dumpster fire on Melnea Cass Boulevard Melnea Cass Blvd. and Kerr Way Roxbury
Car on fire on I-93 south in Boston 4/5/17 - 11:20 pm Car goes up in flames on the Expressway Traveler St. and Albany St. South End
Flaming bus in the Fenway 4/5/17 - 8:00 pm Flaming bus in the Fenway 108 Kilmarnock St. Fenway
Fire in Roslindale Square on Washington Street 3/23/17 - 6:00 pm Close shave in Roslindale Square: Fire erupts in barbershop basement 4256 Washington St. Roslindale
3/22/17 - 8:00 am Hoarding hampers Egleston Square fire response 35 W. Walnut Park Roxbury
Fire at 59 Lonsdale St. in Dochster 3/16/17 - 5:00 pm Two-alarm fire damages Dorchester house 59 Lonsdale St. Dorchester
110 Davison St. in Hyde Park 3/15/17 - 7:30 pm Fire displaces four in Hyde Park 110 Davison St. Hyde Park
Firefighters at Brighton and Harvard avenues in Allston 3/10/17 - 8:50 pm Fire in basement of Allston restaurant goes to two alarms Brighton Ave. and Harvard Ave. Allston
Boylston Street fire 3/9/17 - 4:55 pm Roof fire shuts Boylston Street in Copley Square 583 Boylston St. Back Bay
3/3/17 - 5:50 pm House catches on fire in Dorchester 29 Myrtlebank Ave. Dorchester
Woodbine Street fire in Roxbury 3/2/17 - 6:54 pm Fire races through Roxbury duplex 23 Woodbine St. Roxbury
Firefighter on roof of Summer Street house 3/2/17 - 2:38 pm Fire rips through Hyde Park house 41 Summer St. Hyde Park
Buses on fire in Hyde Park 2/12/17 - 3:21 am Six buses go up in flames in Hyde Park; one firefighter injured 54 Walter St. Hyde Park
Fire at 1 Howard Place in Roxbury 2/3/17 - 9:55 am Plumber sets house on fire in Roxbury 1 Howard Pl. Roxbury
1/30/17 - 9:35 pm Three-decker fire in Dorchester knocked down quickly, but displaces six 77 Topliff St. Dorchester
1/18/17 - 10:55 pm Mattress erupts in flames in Charlestown 92 Monument St. Charlestown
1/6/17 - 8:50 pm House catches fire on Adams Street near Dix in Dorchester 391 Adams St. Dorchester
1/6/17 - 3:00 am Two-alarm fire in East Boston displaces four overnight 66 Byron St. East Boston