Garage, especially in the Haverhill/Merrimack Valley area.Usually bigger than the house, but attached.
Joe Angers



re: Bahn

We had a bahn. It was bigger than the house, had an attic (old hay loft) and a cellar (a small dug out place in the ground underneath the structure)

re: Bahn

Until the seventies, the Watertown branch of the T's Green Line ran out from Kenmore Square, down Comm. Ave., along Brighton Ave., then Cambridge Street and Washington Street, through Brighton, Newton Corner and on to the streetcar repair facility in Watertown, the end of the line. In our family and in many others, riding to the Watertown end of the line was referred to as "takin' the streetcah down the cah bahns," the large,turn of the (19th) century, repair sheds in Watertown where they fixed and stored the streetcars. (And where the "water" in Watertown rhymes with "oughtta.")