Fox25, you suck!

It's the top of the ninth, Red Sox-Yankees, Sox up 4-3, two outs, nobody on, Papelbon pitching, full count.

What does Fox25 do? They take the game off the air and put on a NASCAR race!

Screw you, Fox25.



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    Screw you, Fox25. It's not

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    Screw you, Fox25.

    It's not the local station's fault. The announcer for the counterclockwise redneck show said the game was continuing on FX. Having just switched cable providers, it took me a while to find it. Luckily, Cano was still working Papelbon and I caught the end of the game.

    A few minutes' warning would have been nice

    I think they switched in mid-pitch and mid-sentence, with no notice whatsoever to viewers. (And not everyone who watched this game has cable.)

    They're damn lucky Papelbon got the strikeout, otherwise this could have gone down in history as the baseball version of the Heidi Game.

    They did give advance

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    They did give advance warning at least twice after coverage resumed following the rain delay, but it's still ridiculous. Is it mandatory that every stupid lap has to be shown live?

    I actually screamed. All we

    I actually screamed. All we needed was another minute! I wish they would have just put the entire end of the game on FX. Or, you know, said "And we'll be switching to FX in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ..."

    they gave warning...

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    They did warn that they were going to show the NASCAR poop before the rain delay. Fox national isn't going to adjust their coverage for a local rain delay. What sucks is how few games one can watch without NESN (which if one has Comcast is insanely overpriced) so that the fewer than 10 that are broadcast cable-free become most precious.


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    And you know what?

    Jeanne Zalasko either needs to stop eating carrots or find a non-discount brand of bronzer.

    "In 2003, shortly before the

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    "In 2003, shortly before the 35th anniversary of the incident, Jennifer Edwards, the actress who played Heidi in the movie, met Joe Namath on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York."

    I wonder if anything interesting happened during that meeting?

    Fox Blows

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    The entire restaurant I was at groaned when Fox switched without warning (at least if you weren't watching with the sound up). I felt terrible for the manager who had to explain that he didn't switch the game off to a bunch of Sox fans.

    Is it really necessary that we see all 300 laps of rednecks burning gas instead of just 298 or 299? What else would you expect from a network like Fox that misses playoff action to show the 538th promo for "Skin" though?


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    Not that I liked how Fox handled the game/NASCAR switch, but "300 laps of rednecks burning gas" is asinine, as is your question on the necessity of televising the whole race.

    You probably meant that they should just show laps 311 and 312, since the race was 312 laps (500 km at Phoenix).

    I mean, why play 9 innings of baseball if they could just draw straws to see who's leading at the top of the ninth and by how much, along with who got injured during the other 8 innings, which pitchers were used up from the bullpen, and who is batting well or not on that given day...

    Also to the person complaining that they shouldn't cater to NASCAR in New England/Boston: They don't sellout Loudon twice a year for the Lenox 301 and Sylvania 300 on the backs of the entire state of Alabama traveling here to see a race. NASCAR has a broader following than an early season Red Sox v Yankees game, so it's easy to understand why 2+ hours after it was supposed to have ended, they might choose to cut away to the opening of the race coverage.

    I didn't agree, since there was very little game left, but then again, a HR would have tied it up and made them switch to NASCAR before the end of the game anyways. They had a limit and they reached it.

    Beuller, Beuller, Beuller

    Who thinks NASCAR is more popular that the SOX in Boston, un anybody...

    Beuller, Beuller, Beuller

    ...anybody beside the program director at Fox 25 Boston?


    ...and you know for sure Fox25 could not have broadcast the FX feed.

    Yes. Fox25 probably doesn't

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    Yes. Fox25 probably doesn't even have access to the FX signal.

    There would have been better ways for the Fox (not Fox25) producers to handle the switch. ESPN does this kind of programming juggling on a daily basis. It can be done with little interruption to either program.

    Yes and...

    Anytime you want to explain how you come by that knowledge, you can post it here.

    no problem

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    no problem.

    Contractual obligations aside, I still think that Fox could have handled it better.

    actually just a few years

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    actually just a few years ago nascar was the top sport in the country. ratings have been falling the last 2 or 3 years.

    In the network's defense

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    (not that I'm exactly a fan of Fox)

    the game was running a couple of hours late.

    Annoyed at the umpires

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    Dan Dunn was at the game:

    ...Then a few raindrops fell in the 8th inning. With 7 outs until the end of the game, they decided to run from a rainshower. The tarp came out, and the game stopped. We spent the next hour wondering why the game wasn't already over, staring at a damp-but-totally-playable field. I stood there and shouted for them to start the game, but no one was listening to me. ...

    No, you suck!

    Shut your word holes. Both the plebeian baseball game and nascar cut off the Simpsons episode. I'd rather watch reruns than some mediocre homo-erotic stick and ball game, or a bunch of hicks in fast cars. So keep drinking your Miller High life and be quiet!

    Dig deep

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    Plunk out $20, and buy a season of the Simpsons on DVD. It will be at your disposal forever.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    OneMansOpinion prefers Homer-erotic reruns to baseball and nascar. So anyone defending Fox for screwing up the highlight of his day sucks. to the rescue

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    I totally understand why people who were watching on Fox are pissed.

    But, I happened to check the "Extra Bases" blog around 8PM and they posted a message that the rest of the game would be shown on FX. So, I just watched the rest of the game from there on on FX, and saw everything. I didn't even know about the FOX switch until this morning.

    Granted it wasn't in HD which is absolute torture, but I did see the finish.

    Another reason to hate TV coverage of the Red Sox

    I share seasons tix with eight other guys. We did
    the split two weeks ago, and I grabbed today's
    Yankees game. No fan of April Baseball in Boston,
    but figured a Sunday afternoon game, it may be
    at least 50 degrees, maybe even some sun.

    And then discovered a few days ago that we're looking
    at an 8pm first pitch, because it's being covered on
    ESPN. Screw the fans and the players.

    So we're looking at mid-30's and a potential 1:00 AM
    last pitch. And then these poor suffering bastards
    have to get on a flight to Cleveland for the next game,
    which will begin at 7:05pm in the Jake.

    FOX gets its side of the story out via the AP and

    attributes the problem to fans' CONFUSION...

    Some fans left confused when Fox shifts from baseball to NASCAR

    April 13, 2008

    NEW YORK—With the Boston Red Sox one strike from victory over their hated rival, some unsuspecting TV viewers were in for a jolt: The broadcast switched to auto racing.

    A long rain delay during Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox matchup on Fox created the possibility that the game would overlap with the NASCAR race from Phoenix. Fox gambled that it could squeeze in both events -- and came up two pitches short.

    The final out was televised on another channel, but not all fans realized that. MORE

    what about...

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    couldn't fox have thrown up a split screen, broadcasting nascar on one side of the screen and the last pitch of the sox game on the other side?