People chosen by Boston Magazine as Boston's most powerful people declare themselves Boston's most powerful people

BoMag came up with its annual ranking by asking the people it's declared Most Powerful in the past to say who is the Most Powerful now. In other words, it's a perfect reflection of how America works today; them's who gots get more.

Note to Boston Magazine's online staff: Could you use some of your power and remove "wiki" from the title of that page? Because otherwise, you're going to look kind of silly in the sorts of circles that actually know what a "wiki" is. Granted, we don't have a lot of power, but that's a nice Wikipedia entry you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it, know what we mean?



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    The Real Power at BoMag

    [Sarcasm On]

    Lies in the hands of those who edit those
    Best of Boston lists. As a local, I know
    that I can count on BoMag's recommendations,
    because they are insightful, reliable, and truly

    [Sarcasm Off]


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    Can't you read? It's Boston, not Boston, Boston Magazine, Boston, Boston Magazine, and CERTAINLY not "Boston Magazine"!

    Jeez, what gall. Can't take you anywhere.

    Yeah, yeah

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    And were I to actually engage in Wikivandalism, that priggish, rod-stuck-up-somebody's-ass sentence would be the first thing to go.


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    Great minds think alike :-P


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    Actually, Brett, you're wrong. It's "Boston magazine."

    Check it out:

    It's not just in their URL, it's in their logo!

    If even the owners call it such, correcting Adam for saying it is a bit much. All he's done is capitalized "magazine" incorrectly.

    Oh, wait, that was snark, wasn't it?



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    That's a new word. I just wikineutralified the page and even improved the references so they're condensed to the 3 sources rather than repeating themselves.

    I'll keep an eye on it in case the original author disagrees with my edits. The way it originally read was just way over the top.


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    And that, BoMaggers, is what makes a wiki a wiki.


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    "The magazine is self-described as:"

    Do you have to be holy to

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    Do you have to be holy to get on twice? Apparently the Bishop figured out how to (ranked 36 and 52).

    The list

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    Hey everyone, the expanded list that went up there is the incorrect one, an early draft, hence all the, er, quirks. It's being taken down, and the correct version is going up tomorrow morning. Sorry for the confusion.

    As for the proper capitalization of the mag's title, I can offer no elucidation. It's a mystery to many.

    -Joe Keohane, staff writer, Boston magazine

    Magazine Names

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    Oh well; the magazine formerly known as "The Atlantic Monthly', now just "The Atlantic", is still called by its former name, even by Tom Ashbrook of WBUR, when introducing Atlantic editor Jack Beatty.

    I eagerly await the

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    I eagerly await the throwdown showdown rumble between the Boston magazine Most Powerful and those who make up Stuff@Night's list of "Players 2008".