Does Margery Eagan have a point today?

Or did she just feel like taking it easy and tossing out a column on nudie teen pix that adds absolutely nothing to the discussion? She should leave the cranky-old-person stuff to Alex Beam - he's much better at it (although I do like the related poll that includes this option: "Nobody ever sends me sexy photos"). Maybe she's still getting over the journalistic disappointment of not being groped on the Red Line the other day or something.



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    Where did Egan spend her teen years?

    Didn't they have polaroid cameras and film where she grew up?

    Oh, sending electronic pics of your naughty bits isn't the same as having a polaroid of your beloved's woohoo tucked in your peecheebook cover. Today's depraved children are much more oversexed than the disco-era teens bombarded with song after song glorifying the one-night-stand.


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    So that's how you amused yourself in high school? You walked around with a blurry polaroid of your mulleted love chunk's johnson tucked in your book cover? Sorry, I find that bizarre.

    I guess I should feel thankful because if my classmates did this sort of thing, they kept it to themselves.

    Not my cup of tea

    Yeah, ick. But I know people who did keep nudie polaroids in their binders - male and female. It could cause quite the commotion in study hall if somebody grabbed one. Must have been an early 80s thing or sumptin. The point is, people did use the medium to capture their fair selves ala Godiva and share.

    Image permanance has always been an issue. I was looking though some photos at my Dad's house and found some amusing, if not compromising photos of a Pulitzer winner, a deputy US district attorney, and a space-plane designer from photos of many school trips. I'm not even sure which high school some of the people went to (I do fondly remember the Simon Frazer University men's track team), but I remember who they were.

    I wouldn't be surprised if others have such images of people who would now be shocked that they were ever taken ... even if they were smiling for the camera.

    don't get the outrage

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    except in the cases of underage people, why is this anyone's business?

    I have no idea what the law would say on an under 18 sending nude photos to another under or over 18, but for those people all of legal age, what's the outrage?