Giant icicles hanging from the gutters

Note to self: Next time you open your bedroom window and use a loose bedpost to knock down some of the two-to-four-foot-long icicles hanging from your front gutter because you and the kidlet think that might be cool, you might want to let the wife, sitting downstairs watching TV, know first so she doesn't think the house is under attack or something. But at least I proved to the kidlet that just because I'm going to do something stupid (i.e., use a loose bedpost to knock down giant icicles), it doesn't mean I'm going to do something really stupid (i.e. lose my grip on the loose bedpost and then have to go outside and navigate the three feet of snow in the front yard to retrieve it or, even better, listen to it bounce off one of the shrubs and crash into a living-room window).



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    I should have warned you

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    I have casement windows on my second floor that reach out far enough to tag similar aforementioned super-cicles. I was worried about them falling during the day on my elderly landlords who live on the lower floor of my house. So, late one night, I just swung the window wide open hoping to knock down as much as possible. The first few pounds of ice came crashing down on the sidewalk with the biggest thud I have heard in quite a while.

    A few minutes later, I was informed by a bleary-eyed little Italian man that they would handle it themselves the following day.

    giant icicles

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    i pulled one off the back of my house the other night and i was walking around like it feeling like i was thor.this thing was about three feet long and had a very fine wife said i was crazy and i told her that if someone were to kill someone with the pointy end of an icicle by the time the cops arrived the murder weapon would have melted. and then i could make a leg of lamb for the nice policemen.

    A civilized icicle

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    For some reason, there was a half-full glass of water on one of our window sills. When I it this one icicle, it shattered and a piece flew into the water. Insta-ice cube!

    You and my kids

    The boys were pulling down the giganticicles yesterday and they became instant fantasy weapons that shot lasers and stuff.

    monster Icicles

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    I live in an old Victorian with a mansard roof. Icicles form in two places, at the top where the flatter roof breaks and the steeply sloped 'mansard' begins, and at the gutter line on the lower part of the mansard. A few years ago I heard a great crashing sound outside to see the remnants of monster icicle planted directly in the center of the windshield of my car. It seems that the icicle had been hanging from the upper edge of the roof, and when it let loose the lower curved portion of the roof caused it to be launched 6 feet out from the house where it fell into the street unfortunately onto my car.

    Now whenever there is large icicle build-up I park down the block, and put a sign on the side of the house warning would be parkers.

    better it was your car and

    better it was your car and not someone elses as it was something that started on your property lol. Im sure youd rather have a broken windshield then a lawsuit from the guy the ice broke instead.