Cops: T driver lost roll of the dice on bus-shooting story

A T bus driver is due in Chelsea District Court for arraignment this morning on charges she filed a false police report related to the way her bus got shot up in 2007, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Nancy Parker, 51, of Burlington, originally told police a man boarded her bus and opened fire. Transit Police now say a former lover shot up the bus in a dispute over debts.

Innocent, etc.



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    Sounds more like an

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    inaccurate police report than a false one. After all, the bus was shot up, was it not?

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    Was the driver simply trying to throw police off the trail? If so, was the driver intimidated or bribed, or was this "stop snitching" practice, or...?

    Or was this an attempt to frame a particular party?

    Or was there no intent to deceive, and the driver was somehow mistaken?

    I'm assuming here that the driver did claim the shooter was male, and that they've determined that claim is incorrect.

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    Busses shot up over gambling

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    Busses shot up over gambling debts - Women robbed and killed in Hotel room over gambling debts.

    I can't wait until we get our own casinos here in Massachusetts! Things are going to be so much better!

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    Judge questions entire case

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    The Globe reports:

    Judge James LaMothe said he saw nothing in a Transit Police report to warrant charging Parker with lying to police.

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