Sparks fly when Menino forces crash Yoon campaign event

Sam Yoon was tearing into the city's Elderly Commission (for handing out shwag with prominent "Mayor Thomas M. Menino imprints") at a campaign stop in Mattapan when three Menino functionaries (including his chief of staff) rose to object. The Dorchester Reporter chronicles the interchange.



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    now that would have been fun

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    Kurland said the $2.4 billion budget is available on the city’s website and three months of public hearings are held. "It's all public," she said.

    Actually - the city still hasn't posted the new budget (only the recommended budget which is out of date). Apparently the city hasn't released updated financials since April - the city council passed the budget on estimates that were 3 months old because they claimed that the city budget office didn't have any updated numbers (and as of today still hasn't updated the fiscal year end numbers)

    Passed it by 11-2

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    could the two negative votes come from those who want to be Mayor? Hint - Yancey and Turner even voted for it.

    Of course

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    they obeyed the golden rule. The mayor controls the gold and he rules. If you want anything for your district you support the mayor so he throws you a few crumbs you can tout to your constituents. Riddle me this - if inflation is running 25% and the budget is up 50% - where's all the money going? Sadly those 11 don't live in the real world.

    Sparks, definition of?

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    Can I have the minute back I spent reading that article?

    Tote bags were handed out! Someone called someone else "disingenuous"! The mayor's aide alleges that he often comes to Mattapan. THE RACE IS HEATING UP!!!!

    It almost makes me wish for exciting days of Boston politics past, full of corruption charges and racial angst. Almost, but not really.


    Mayor's hacks are a Joke

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    I was at the Town Hall Meeting. The mayor's coat-holders were way out of line. They constantly interrupted not just Sam Yoon, but the actual voters asking questions. So much so that crowd starting shouting down Menino's chief-of-staff, asking why the Mayor wouldn't come and defend his record, instead of sending his lackies.

    Sam Yoon was very courteous to the disrupters - too much so, I thought. It was incredible stuff - seeing the mayor's chief of staff shouting at voters, many of them seniors. I guess they must be worried that people are getting tired of 16 years of the same old same old.

    The mayor's minions even went as far as planting 'tough' questions to Yoon! It was funny looking at their red faces when Yoon knocked their questions and lies out of the park.

    I wonder who Menino will send to Sam Yoon's next town meeting in Allston-Brighton next month??

    Meeting for voters?

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    I find it odd that it was billed as an open meeting for voters yet had the bulk of the people holding Yoon signs. Nothing wrong with that, but I wouldnt really call that an open meeting when it just looks like a campaign meeting marketed a bit differently. Seemed more stagged then anything. Looked like Flaherty speaking in the small room at Florian or the Mayor at Tia's with Young Professionals for Menino.


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    Not true - there was nobody holding signs at the meeting. It was open to everybody. And that must be quite obvious since the mayor sent a group of his hacks and they got in. The room wasn't full of Yoon supporters - just voters. But I bet they are supporters today after hearing Sam's new ideas and seeing the Menino machine's rude, disrespectful lackies in action.

    The mayor should just agree to more debates

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    If Menino is going to send his staffers (and his chief of staff no less!) to these opponents' events to shout down nay-sayers, why not just agree to more debates/joint town halls to discuss the issues in a civilized manner instead?

    (Yeah, I know why, that was rhetorical...Full disclosure: I'm supporting Flaherty.)

    More debates

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    Name any incumbent Boston Mayor who has agreed to more debate than Tom Menino has this year. Not White, not Flynn.

    Besides, Menino's out in the neighborhoods all the time, announcing some new program or other.


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    Personally I'd prefer a mayor who spent more time running the city rather than running AROUND the city.

    Why don't they just send

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    Why don't they just send Menino to debates? That administration is despicable. Machine politics to the fullest extent.

    It seems they were trying to disrupt voters from making an informed choice. Why else would they speak over him and members of the audience?

    Sam Yoon is a really nice guy, at least that's what I get from him, I'm so glad he shot them down.

    Aren't open forums supposed to be open?

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    So let me get this straight, Yooninites are upset that a dissenting voice came to one of their campaign events disguised as "open forums"? I for one am pleased that someone came to fact check his dubious claims and expose his 'town hall meetings' for the self-indulgent one man shows that they really are.

    Rplying to Matt. A. Pan (creative name BTW)

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    What are you talking about? No one even had a Yoon sticker on. How could they be "holding Yoon signs?"

    I just don't see what kind of lie you're trying to tell here. Are you saying people sitting in the meeting were holding signs? Where? On their laps? Above their heads blocking people behind them?

    I was there, were you? Or are you blogging from City Hall right now?

    Just watched the tape

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    Why Menino would send people to be bored by Yoon is beyond me, he'll be gone after Sept prelim anyway. Deval will probably hire him for some mid-level job. If there were Menino aides and planted questions there, that wouldn't leave many Yoon supporters. Let it go, Tom.