Globe, election, get aid for public-school athletics

Mayor Tom Menino is scheduled today to announce details of a multi-million-dollar foundation to better fund athletic programs at Boston public schools, the Globe reports.

The Globe, which recently did a seven-part series on BPS athletics, doesn't specify, but I suspect the money will only be used at schools that actually have gyms and athletic programs, which leaves a fair number of schools out and which won't do anything for kids who have no interest in team sports but who might still benefit from physical education.



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The intricacy of government finance must elude me. I can't figure out how we plan to have 1000 fewer employees in the city compared to ten years ago and have increased the budget by over 50% and yet we seem to have less money for parks, school athletics, horse patrols and all the other "nice" things you should be getting with your tax dollars when revenues are going up at twice the rate of inflation.

Is anybody from City Hall reading this? Please enlighten us as to what you are doing with all this extra money you have added to the budget over the past ten years. How about somebody from Yoon's or Flaherty's campaigns? And I don't care to hear health care - of the $800 million increase in the budget I believe only about $150 million is health care (and in the real world that is a form of compensation which gets reduced when times are tough).

Did the Menino campaign...

...write the lede paragraph of the Globe article?

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino will announce today the creation of a multimillion-dollar charitable foundation and consortium of professional sports teams, colleges and universities, and corporations to enhance opportunities for Boston student-athletes - a potential breakthrough for Boston’s chronically underfunded high school athletic system.

The Globe has become just a

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The Globe has become just a place for press releases, it seems.
For an article about the MBTA the Globe wrote about how trains are less likely to be late lately. Really? The red line breaks down almost daily, the silver bus (in its dedicated lane) is always delayed by traffic, and this winter commuter rail lines were horrendous. Yes, they are better this summer than this winter, but thats always true since the MBTA hasn't figured out that the seasons change every year and they should fix the problems that plague it in winter. waiting for spring and sending a press release to the Globe of "Mission Accomplished" is useless.
I understand that the Globe employees are carburbanites who drive to their strip mall office, but as journalists they should be informed of the poor quality of the T.

The Globe continues to do some good work,

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including on transportation reporting. The Globe certainly is not universally good, but maybe things will get shaken up in a positive way if they get new ownership.