Silver Line buses herd instinctively

Kalunlee posts a photo of three Silver Line buses in the wild, all bunched together in a convoy; adds:

This is a typical occurrence-30+ min waiting & then 3 buses blow by.

Ed. note: It's hard to break them of this natural habit, which protects them in the wild from roaming packs of busiraptors.



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    Typical on all bus lines

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    I was waiting 25 minutes the other day at Arlington Heights bus station for the 77 bus on the schedule of 'less than every 10 minutes'. Then FIVE showed up at one time. I know that buses tend to bunch up, but you'd think they could do better than that.

    Makes sense

    That would explain why they never gain any veloci-T.

    Best bunching ever

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    Over the summer I spotted four buses stopped at the light just outside the World Trade Center station. (Three outbound, one inbound).

    Of course the light stayed red for another minute and a half anyway to let the three cars that drove down D Street during that time pass.

    It's not even that the buses don't get priority at that intersection, but they seem to be completely ignored by the light controller. Why someone hasn't sent a tech out there to fix that between 2004 and now is beyond me.

    Yeah seriously. Ive seen

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    Yeah seriously. Ive seen buses wait (3 was my max, two outbound, 1 inbound) and not a single car go by.