Fascinating: Nov. 13 is Leonard Nimoy Day in Boston

He's originally from the West End, where father Max was a barber. As boys, Lennie and older brother Melvin sold newspapers on the Common. No idea why the mayor's office chose Nov. 13 for Leonard Nimoy Day in the City of Boston, though (it's not Nimoy's birthday).

Via NE Fan X via Bradley.



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      Mystery solved

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      Nimoy will be appearing at the New England Fan Experience (source of the self-promoting tweet) on November 14.

      ...and who doesn't know Nimoy's from Boston? Certainly everyone who ever went to the OMNIMax in the 80s has that fact burned indelibly in their minds. "...he grew up three blocks from here..."


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      Oh, yeah, that video! I seem to recall them showing that thing the one time we took the kidlet, and she's only been around since '98.

      Who put the bomp...

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      in the bomp...


      Leonard Nimoy was the best part of the Omni pre-show, with the possible exception of "HEY CHAHLIE! THESE PEOPLE WANNA SEE A LOBSTAH!"

      Remember when Nimoy hosted 'In Search of...'

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      I used to love that show as a kid. Even if the subject wasn't that interesting, his narration always made it seem so mysterious. And I always felt smarter after watching that program.