Mapping stolen bikes in Boston and Cambridge, but so far, mostly Cambridge



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it is more a map of reports than thefts

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another way to read it is that their police department knows about this website and uses it--not surprising since it was developed at the graduate school of design there. They got the word out to Harvard and Cambridge police, but BPD, BUPD, TuftsPD, MBTA Transit Police, etc., have not taken to it (yet.... hopefully). This explains why Boston's highest concentration is around Harvard Medical School at Longwood

I also suspect Harvard Square

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I also suspect Harvard Square is a place with a lot of bikes, so it makes sense that it's a concentration of bike thefts as well. It would be interesting to see normalized data.

Hi, thanks for all the

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Hi, thanks for all the interest in Bikenapped.

I just wanted to post a clarification of the data that's currently on the map. I've been working to collect theft reports from both police departments and users. So far, we have collected all theft reports for 2012 from Harvard and MIT police departments. For Cambridge PD, the data only goes back till April 2012.

At this point, I felt we had enough information to share with the public, even as we work towards collecting more data for a more complete picture. There is still the MBTA transit police that we have not yet contacted.

I have been concentrating on getting a good picture of what's going on in Cambridge first. We have no police data for Boston yet. The reports you see for Boston are either user generated, or as pierce suggested, on campus property.

I also want to note that the police departments are not involved with Bikenapped. These reports are culled from the public logs.

If anyone has any feedback or questions, I'd love to hear them.



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Thanks for this excellent report. It looks like you didn't add all the bikes stolen from Alewife station