Sticky situation as egg, syrup trucks overturn; are bread and milk trucks next?

This morning, an egg truck overturned on 495 in Chelmsford, the Herald reports.

This afternoon, a maple-syrup truck overturned on the ramp from 495 to 95 in Mansfield, WBZ tweets.



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    Begs the Question

    Did that oh so punny Herald Reporter, Ms. Sweet, get assigned to the syrup story as well?

    Or are stories about syrup outside of her oeuf?

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    French toast alert?

    Does this necessitate an honorary update to the French Toast Alert Level?

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    Jeez, All We Need...

    Jeez, all we need now is for a giant tank of molasses to rupture. We'd never hear the end of it.

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    By on

    On whether it was pancaked by another vehicle.

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