DA: Chelsea man bashed in head with Lexus tire jack over sneaker theft; two arrested

Two men were arraigned today on charges they smashed a Chelsea resident upside the head Sunday as punishment for the sneakers they say he stole from them.

Alexander Guevara, 21, of Chelsea, and Antonio Rivera, 21, of Boston, had bail set at $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which provided this account:

Chelsea police responded to the area of Grove and Highland streets at about 4:15 on Sunday afternoon to find a 24-year-old Chelsea man sitting on the ground holding his head. The man told police he had been hit in the head with a tire jack by a man with a Rolling Stones tattoo on his neck who apparently believed the victim had stolen sneakers from him in Revere.

Witnesses in the area corroborated that account, saying that two men exited a gray Lexus, go to the trunk, and retrieve a tire jack and a baseball bat. One of the men, now believed to be Guevara, beat the victim in the head with the jack. The second man, now believed to be Rivera, used a knife to threaten the victim and two of the witnesses.

The victim was taken to Mass. General and is expected to survive, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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    Jesus Christ, you idiots

    You beat a guy over a pair of sneakers? IN BROAD (EXPLETIVE) DAYLIGHT? How fundamentally stupid are you?

    You beat a guy with a tire iron over SNEAKERS, but you also did it DURING THE DAY WHEN PEOPLE WERE LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU! God, at least Bulger had the sense to buy off cops before he killed a bunch of people.

    Somebody give me a reason why these people don't deserve to die, and why we shouldn't have laws where we make them die quickly and cheaply.

    totally off topic

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    but.. its been a while since we've had a Uhuh meetup.. :) maybe we should have a meetup after the holidays. I'd love to chat with Swirly and Gaffin.


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    But only if I can wear a name tag that says "Hi, I'm Kaz" and see how long it takes for people to figure out I'm not.

    (If Kaz is actually there, it probably won't take too long for HIM to figure it out.)


    Keeping it Classy, Chelsea!

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    Y'all think this is weird? This happens more often than you think.

    I live near 'downtown' in Chelsea. There's a bar at the end of my street (which we've repeated tried to get the city to close because they are very loud and its in a residential neighborhood of sorts)

    Well they over pour and the patrons get VERY drunk. I've gotten home late at night (around 1ish) and have seen.. not once, but twice.. drunk patrons chasing someone down our street with a object (usually a baseball bat)

    Of course since Chelsea Police are useless.. I call and they are like "So?" (yes seriously.. I've complained endlessly about the lack of caring from the CPD, people just don't care unless the call is coming from Admiral's Hill)

    Chelsea needs better media/alternative media

    What Chelsea needs is an alternative to the Record that is staunchly independent. It doesn't have to go to print. It could also serve as an arts and cultural calendar for the city. I'd do it, myself, if I wasn't busy with another city north of Boston.

    I frequently hear in Chelsea that things are not being reported, and I'm not talking about conspiracies and other nonsense. There just isn't enough coverage.

    Better media, even if just online, leads to more accountability.


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    I agree.. even boston.com doesn't even have a Chelsea "your Town" Section. I wonder why that is...

    Neither does Revere.

    Maybe because

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    there aren't enough people who read English in Chelsea to give it a sustainable readership.

    It would have a YourTown, if...

    If Chelsea had more online sources for news, more bloggers.. and hyperlocal indies, it definitely would have a YourTown. It's what the YourTown's are based off of!

    A lot more people speak...

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    A lot more people speak English than you think in Chelsea.

    Almost all the kids and teenagers speak perfect English. The older Latinos speak English too.. but much like Quebec, they won't speak English to you unless you speak first.

    Asi no

    That's not what carjacking means, Che

    This is a car

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    but my name's not Jack!


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    How did two 21 year old thugs have enough money for a Lexus?