DA: Tip leads cops to South Boston man with illegal weapon, ammo

Alexis Laboy, 24, was arrested last night after police found a Calico M-100 "mini-rifle" with its shoulder stock removed on him - inside a bag that contained 48 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding he didn't have a license for either.

South Boston District Court Judge Michael Bolden set bail today at $20,000.

According to the DA's office, somebody dropped a dime on Laboy around 8:20 p.m., telling police he was driving around Southie with another guy in a black Durango - after they'd gotten out of a Lexis. Police couldn't find the Durango, so they staked out the Lexis, parked at Father Songin Way and Kemp Street, the DA's office says:

About an hour and a half later, police observed the Lexis’ taillights illuminate as if someone had remotely unlocked it. They then watched as Laboy – who met the general description provided by the tipster – approached the car and lifted its hatchback to rummage through a large bag.

Boston Police approached Laboy, who allegedly reached inside the left upper side of his jacket despite the officers’ orders to place his hands by his side. One detective moved to secure Laboy and immediately felt a long, heavy object inside. That object, which was tossed away from Laboy, later turned out to be the Calico M-100 with its shoulder stock removed.

Innocent, etc.



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I posted a comment yesterday but it was deleted?

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Questioning if the police officers had a legal right to search this man. Can an anonymous tip be enough probable cause to search an otherwise innocent person? Can anyone call up with a "tip" and have their neighbors harrassed and patted down? Does finding a gun justify the search in the first place?

Lawyer here - an anonymous

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Lawyer here - an anonymous tip could be enough for PC if the police follow up on the tip and independently corroborate the information given to them.

They may also just be saying that the tip is anonymous when in fact the tipster is a police informant, who the police know has a good reputation for giving them truthful information. Of course, all of this will come out in the inevitable motion to suppress.

I agree. I'm not a lawyer,

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I agree. I'm not a lawyer, but when I read this story I first questioned the legality of the search. They acted on no evidence but on a tip, and had no proof this guy had done anything illegal before searching him. As much as I like to see the gun being taken of the street, it is disconcerting as a citizen to see this happen

Tons of case law on this stuff.

anonymous tips, anonymous gun tips (since having a gun isn't always illegal, "search" vs. "frisk", etc.

Now the police had the suspects info, and could have checked if he had a criminal record, license to carry, etc. Now the police walk over to the suspect and ask if they could talk with him. The suspect then starts reaching in his jacket, etc, etc.

As the lawyer anon says, is the tipster someone they can trust? The tipster seemed to know the suspects personal information so the cops could look that up, and that is usually enough.

May have been inadvertently deleted

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The part of the database that holds comments got "corrupted" somehow. I "repaired" it and all seemed OK, but it's possible some comments disappeared, for which I apologize.

Sometimes the end justifies the means

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Anyone who questioned whether this was legal etc really needs to wake up because it could be you or a loved one who was shot. There is no place for this anywhere and when a tip comes in about something silly no but when a tip comes in about a guy with a backpack full of ammo and a gun ya maybe its time to take the kid gloves off