Street worker charged with doing the stuff he's supposed to keep kids from doing

An city street worker, who is supposed to keep young teens away from gangs and violence, is scheduled for arraignment today in Dorchester District Court on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and engaging in sex for a fee, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Marcus Merritt, 35, was arrested around 4:50 a.m. on Auriga Street, when officers arrived to investigate a report about a person in a car, just sitting there, the DA's office and Boston Police report. According to police, Merritt at first tried to drive away, but was quickly stopped by officers:

While talking to the operator of the vehicle, officers observed what appeared to be illegal narcotics in plain view on the center console and floor of the vehicle. When asked about the drugs, the operator nervously stated that he had recently loaned the car to his brother and the drugs likely belonged to him. Officers asked the operator to exit the vehicle. Once outside the vehicle, a pat frisk of the suspect enabled officers to feel and seize a firearm tucked inside the suspect's waistband.

The DA's office says the woman "made statements relative to prostitution," police say she was arrested on outstanding warrants.

The DA's office adds Merritt told officers he worked with the city program, rather than a separate, privately funded program.

Innocent, etc.



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      Poorly written. Incorrect sentence structure, no first name of the defendant and a dead link.

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      Which link isn't working for you? I just tried the three in the article and they all came up OK.


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      I'll fix the city connection, or lack thereof. But the link is correct - the article, even if in the sport section, is about the program.

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      Although the Globe article from 2009 IDed him as a participant in the StreetSafe program, the DA's office says he IDed himself to police as a city street worker.