Fowl justice in Brookline: Terror turkey captured, swiftly put to death

Brookline Police tweet one of the thug Toms that had terrorized townsfolk was captured today after an officer shot it with a beanbag gun. Wicked Local Brookline reports, however, the beanbag injured the bird enough that it had to be euthanized, leaving police two more aggressive avians on which to perfect their beanbag technique.



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    The turkey looked OK in the picture they tweeted out earlier when captured. Maybe when the cameras were off,the Brookline coppers got a little rough with him? Hit him a few times in places that wouldn't leave a mark? Maybe the old "Watch your head,Tom" while putting him in the cruiser?

    Damn beanbags

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    Internal injuries, couldn't be helped, now it's an ex-turkey.

    Let me guess! Brookline PD

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    Let me guess! Brookline PD will be enjoying a turkey dinner tomorrow?

    My Dear Grandma

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    God rest her soul,would have grabbed a hatchet,quickly dispatched this terrible trio, and had a lovely dinner for the neighbors the next day.

    Typical speciesist,

    Typical speciesist, fowlophobic Brookline storm troopers using undue force on innocent birds. I demand an investigation by a citizen's board, including representatives of the Avian community. If these were mammals, this would never have happened.

    By the way - they are not 'turkeys' - they are Native Galliformes.

    If these were mammals, this would never have happened.

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    Not true. The State has a poor track record when it comes to mammals ie: the deer rescued from the ice only to be put down later. Numerous moose killed to "protect" the public. I think they even killed a black bear recently. Coyotes protected from legs traps, only to be put down by the Environmental cops.
    And no, I'm not a animal rights activist.

    Why Grafton?

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    (Sorry to interrupt all the frivolity...)

    Why Grafton? Angell must have a vet capable of dealing with an injured turkey.

    Unless Grafton was closer to the oven intended relocation spot for said bird.

    (Annnnndddd...back to the frivolity!)

    North Grafton

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    Tufts has a wildlife center

    Wildlife center?

    It's their school for veterinary medicine and a veterinary hospital - and excellent ones at that. You make it sound like a zoo.