Drive-by shooting on side of Dorchester courthouse; police surround nearby house

Boston Police are investigating a drive-by around 10 a.m. on Tremlett Street, around the corner from the main entrance to Dorchester District Court. The intended victim was not hit, shell casings were recovered. A possible suspect is 5'8" and wearing a bright-red hoodie in a '95 Mercedes.

Police found the Mercedes outside 20 Bowdoin Ave., which they surrounded and for which they brought in negotiators to try to talk the suspect out. After a couple hours, however, a SWAT team went in and found nobody inside. Police add that "ballistic evidence" was recovered from the house.



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I read the article and

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I read the article and wondering, did they confirm the black mercedes seen fleeing the courthouse was the same car as the one parked in front of 20 Bowdoin, because I know someone who lives there does have a black Mercedes and they never found the guy in the building, so I wonder if they actually have the right car or if it's someone's really crappy luck. Never had a problem with #20...#32 has visitors that are notorious for obnoxious loud parties, but #20 is pretty quiet and unexciting. Interested to see what pans out when they look at the car and finally catch the guy.

How about you mind your

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How about you mind your business. I'm sorry you don't have a life. If you don't know anyone that lives on 32 mind your business. Next time though mind your business and keep going with your life because ain't no one in yours.