The driving story that won our hearts

Kori wins the two tickets to the auto show tomorrow for her tale of the kindness of strangers.

It was a tough decision, and I wish we had more tickets! dvdoff's Liam Gallagher/limo/sob-story-girl story got more votes and was certainly a great story. But, well, anybody who knows anything about Gallagher would not be at all surprised by the punch line, while the story of some guy just letting some girl he doesn't know from a hole in the wall borrow his car for two straight days was simultaneously heartwarming and surprising/amazing, in the "who the hell would do something like that?" kind of way. That guy would, that's who.



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      Wow, and to think

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      I was only a "CH" away from winning....! I would have used the word "jerks" but then no one would have believed it was a Gallagher story!

      Next time I'll tell a Chris Martin least they're family friendly.

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      What is google?

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      What is Bing?

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      Off topic here but....

      What the hell is bing? Every time I've tried to use it I get links to Hollywood articles about the subject I "bing".

      I don't get it.

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      Some Might Say [he's a] Rock n' Roll Star.

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      Must be a generational thing, but, since I'm feeling Supersonic, and I haven't yet had any gin and tonic, I could tell you more, but how much do you want it? (apologies to all the other Oasis fans out there, but I just couldn't resist).

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      True dat

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      I wish there were an option to like the use of the word "boff" separately from the comment.

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