The boat abides

Carson Beach boat

A visit this morning confirmed that the weekend blizzard did little to dislodge the sailboat blown onto Carson Beach during Hurricane Sandy.



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probably not worth it

they mentioned before everything of value has been stripped (I'm actually surprised no one has salvaged the aluminum mast yet). Figure at least $3-4k to get it off of there (if any salvage co. will actually do it) probably another $3-5k to replace the rigging, engine, etc that has been stolen from it. Another $1k for a mooring, permit, fees, etc, more if you get a slip. It's a full keel so it's going to be a heavier boat than typical (guessing 5,00lbs+), which may present more issues or cost more to salvage.

There may even be a lien on the boat by the city/state at this point if the guy hasn't been paying the fines or whatever for leaving it there. I'm guessing it wasn't insured or it would probably have been removed by now?

Best bet: owner makes deal with city/state to put a RO/RO dumpster in the carson beach lot for a day. Go down to the South Bay Home Depot, buy a couple of chainsaws, hire a few of the "independent contractors" roaming around the parking lot, cut it up and put it in the dumpster.