Dry ice

Jordan Munson asks:

Any ideas on where a guy could get some dry ice in Camberville this evening?



Some answers via Twitter

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Look over there...!

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Dry ice factory, good place to get some thinking done.



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I only know of (and have used) Acme Dry Ice near Dali (Harvard/Inman area):


Bring cash; I don't remember if they can take plastic. I've bought a ~8 pound box of pellets from them.

That young Savenor beside the

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That young Savenor beside the market on Kirkland ? Its Cambridge , but cross over Beacon street ( which was Hampshire street in Inman Square ) and its Washington street Somerville

Nits picked here

I'm sorry to tell you, but Line St, which runs between Savenors/Kirkland Convenience and Acme Ice is the boundary between Somerville and Cambridge. The ice company is in Somerville, if only just.

Reference map from the city of Somerville here

I was giving driving

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I was giving driving instructions , not calling in a bombing strike. The Acme ice company was formerly in the parking lot of Savenor's dual market . The market and the package store were run by separate brothers , I believe , that were feuding.Line street was a one way off Cambridge street that ran along side of the hospital, good to know if you were looking to service their LOX tank.


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Where the fuck is that? Oh, should have known it was from a guy who got Munsoned!

I know

I just find the names amusing, and it's topical. Walex always makes me chuckle.