Wedding photographers in the Boston area

Matt Karolian suddenly finds himself in need of one. Recommendations?




Some recommendations via Twitter

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Donis Perkins

If Matt decides the cost is too high, and goes with an affordable photographer. Then it will help to keep this woman in mind:

Katherine takes in a lot of work doing re-takes for couples who skimp on wedding photography costs.

I had a great recommendation,

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I had a great recommendation, but I went to check her website and she's gone and moved to Miami.

If you're ever getting married in Florida, I guess I know the photographer for you.

Scott Z Photography

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Check out Scott Zuehlke Photography. Shoots weddings in Boston and Miami, about 45 a year. Also does a lot of advertising work in Boston and surrounding areas. Good stuff!

Promessa Films is awesome

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They are photographers/videographers mostly working weddings and engagement shoots. Its a small team of girls and they do kick-ass work.