By - 7/13/16 - 5:55 pm

More than 500 places to get your Pokemon Go fix (but caveat: Suspiciously low on the pokestops south of Jamaica Pond, because of course we're always left out). Polygon discusses the map.

By - 7/12/16 - 9:48 pm

Mayor Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans today announced they have reached a deal with the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association for a six-month, $500,000 pilot to test body cameras worn by 100 volunteer officers.

However, no date for the beginning of the pilot - which advocates had once hoped would start this spring - was announced.

Start date of the pilot program, along with other specific policies related to body cameras, are in the process of being finalized by BPD.

By - 7/12/16 - 11:22 am

The Charles River Conservancy kicks off a Swim the Charles fundraising campaign and releases feasibility study supporting potential for Charles River Swimming Facility

In conjunction with today's sold­out fourth annual CitySplash event, the Charles River Conservancy, released "Swimming in the Charles: A Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Permanent Swimming Facility in the Charles River Basin" and launched Swim the Charles, an Indiegogo campaign to support returning swimming to the Charles.

By - 7/12/16 - 10:48 am
Banjo place in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo of a school for learning how to pluck the guitar, banjo and mandolin.

By - 7/12/16 - 9:57 am

M Rey asks where she can find one of the elusive creatures.

By - 7/12/16 - 8:31 am

The state Attorney General's office ruled last month that a committee composed of representatives of the city's public, charter and Catholic schools that is looking at ways to change how kids enroll in local schools and how the three systems share resources is not a "public" body and so can meet in private and not post meeting minutes or even alert the public to meetings to begin with. Read more.

By - 7/8/16 - 11:50 am

BostonJohn asks:

Anyone have a "list" of places that serve nitro coffee IN the city?

By - 7/7/16 - 9:35 am
Drought map

Orange is "severe" drought; brown is "moderate" drought; yellow is "abnormally dry."

The United States Drought Monitor's latest Massachusetts map came out this morning - and it shows a "severe" or "moderate" drought across much of the state.

As of July 1, the Quabbin was at 90.1% of capacity.

Experts say one of the reasons for our current gypsy-moth explosion is that the dry weather over the past year or so has limited the growth of the fungus that normally consumes them.

By - 7/7/16 - 9:13 am

High levels of ozone mean the air in Boston will probably be unhealthy today for "sensitive" groups:

Active children and adults, and people with lung disease, such as asthma, should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.

By - 7/6/16 - 9:10 am

Daniel Marans considers prosecutorial overreach, finds Martha Coakley is not a fan of our US Attorney.

Ed. note: As you'd expect, he raises the issue of the two City Hall aides, but doesn't mention the companion case, in which five Teamsters face extortion charges for allegedly slashing tires and trying to rough up production workers for a TV reality show in Milton - after getting them booted out of Boston.

By - 7/3/16 - 9:18 pm
Sunset over Brighton

Colleen Glenney watched the sun go down over Brighton this evening:

More photos from the sunset: Read more.

By - 7/2/16 - 10:59 am

The Globe reports a BPS committee has been quietly meeting since May on ways to increase black and Hispanic enrollment at the city's exam schools, in particular Boston Latin, without using the sort of quotas that were ruled illegal in the 1990s. Read more.

By - 6/30/16 - 10:49 pm

Jon Keller notes there's nothing in the indictment against Timothy Sullivan that alleges he personally benefited from the actions he's alleged to have taken.

By - 6/30/16 - 8:56 pm

The ACLU of Massachusetts today filed a federal suit against Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley on behalf of two activists who say a state law that bans the secret recording of oral communications even in a public place violates their First Amendment rights.

Their lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, joins a similar suit against Conley filed in March by a right-wing activist who claims he wants to do a report on how landlords treat students in Boston. Read more.

By - 6/30/16 - 5:23 pm

CVS pharmacies in the Boston area and New Hampshire repeatedly filled Oxycodone prescriptions they should have known were forged - in one case because the chain's own computer system had a warning about the person who kept bringing them in - the US Attorney's office in Boston reports. Read more.

By - 6/29/16 - 8:11 am

The US Attorney's office reports Timothy Sullivan, acting director of the city’s office of Intergovernmental Relations, was named in a two-count indictment charging he pressured Boston Calling to hire union workers. Read more.

By - 6/28/16 - 3:33 pm
Collection of germ samples

Where samples were collected. Posted under this license.

Scientists who took samples on the MBTA from everything from subway straps to outdoor CharlieCard machines found that the microorganisms they found showed no greater virulence - or greater resistance to antibiotics - than you'd find elsewhere. Read more.