By - 8/19/16 - 9:50 am

A Boston couple has sued Costco and the maker of Kirkland detergent pods for a 2013 incident with a detergent pod that they say left their young daughter with injuries for which she still needs treatment. Read more.

By - 8/18/16 - 1:40 pm
Massachusetts drought continues

An "extreme" drought affecting parts of Middlesex and Essex counties now covers more of eastern Massachusetts, despite recent rains. Read more.

By - 8/17/16 - 3:47 pm

Soviet propaganda from the 70's using our fair city!

Translation & description here:

By - 8/17/16 - 9:39 am

Kate Fussner reports she's kept her inner Masshole in check behind the wheel even as she now has to deal with a Roslindale-to-Dorchester commute, but that she realized with a start one day in the North End - when stuck walking behind a clot of tourists shuffling in search of a cannoli - that the snarling beast is no longer far from the surface and she's now as ready to hate everyone around her as the rest of us.

By - 8/16/16 - 10:55 am
Potter's Hotel in Old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.

By - 8/14/16 - 8:27 pm

UPDATE, 8:44 p.m. Warning canceled for Boston, although it's kind of boomy and rainy here along the Roslindale/Hyde Park frontier.

Until 9 p.m.


By - 8/11/16 - 10:05 am

Mayor Walsh's office reports a new law signed by Gov. Baker this week will let Boston reduce its default speed limit on most roads to 25 m.p.h. - and that he plans to work with the DPW and the city council to do that as speedily as possible. Read more.

By - 8/11/16 - 9:57 am
Extreme drought in part of Massachusetts

The weekly state drought map is out, and for the first time it shows some "extreme" drought, in Middlesex and Essex counties. Except for the extreme western part of the state - and Nantucket - all of the state is now in some form of drought.

The MWRA reports the Quabbin Reservoir, which serves Boston and a number of surburbs, was at 87.4% of capacity on Aug. 1.

By - 8/10/16 - 12:04 pm

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Boston area forThursday afternoon, with an expected high of 96: Read more.

By - 8/9/16 - 9:44 am
Pro-charter tweet praises a BPS school

Heshan Weeramuni, an active supporter of Boston Public Schools, noticed this tweet by a group working to lift the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts that turns "education" into a verb and sings the praises of the O'Bryant - which people who actually live in Boston know is a BPS school, not a charter.

Oopsies: The Great Schools campaign took down their tweet this morning after Weeramuni posted a copy - just like Boston 2024 did last year.

By - 8/7/16 - 9:31 am
No Red Line on Google Maps

Red Line? What's that? You'll take buses and you'll like it. Screen capture by Nat V.

Seems that this morning, if you try to use Google Maps to plot out a trip via public transit in Boston, you'll get back an itinerary that involves buses and the Green Line - the Orange, Red and Blue lines are now dead to the mapping service. Read more.

By - 8/6/16 - 5:23 pm

No, this has nothing to do with Boston Latin. The Globe reintroduces us to Queon Jackson.

The last we'd heard of him, BPS had put the Madison Park headmaster on leave in 2013 due to a Secret Service investigation into credit-card fraud. He was never charged. BPS never gave him another job, but kept paying him - and he used the $375,000 he earned to start an artisanal ice-pop concern in Delaware - where he told a magazine he moved because of a relative's health issues. Only now he's back in Boston, or, at least back on the official BPS payroll as a "special assistant" in the Bolling Building.

By - 8/5/16 - 7:29 pm
Boston cop with machine gun in 1919

Over the years, news photographer Leslie Jones took a number of photos of Boston Police officers with guns.

The above photo, which he took on July 3, 1919, at the height of the Red Scare, was captioned: Read more.

By - 8/5/16 - 9:01 am

In a world gone mad, with Kumbaya-singing wimps serving as president and governor, they say officers need more protection and firepower, the Herald reports.

Meanwhile, the Globe reports no BPD officers have volunteered to test body cameras in a pilot slated for September, so the department will have to order 100 or so officers to put them on.

By - 8/4/16 - 10:40 am

The City Council agreed yesterday to begin looking at the possibility of prohibiting stores from using plastic bags to package the things their customers buy. Read more.

By - 8/3/16 - 3:37 pm

BPS investigators say they found several new instances of Boston Latin School failing to adequately respond to "alleged bias-based incidents" - in addition to the one previously reported instance for which the school headmaster received a two-day suspension. Read more.

By - 8/3/16 - 1:56 pm

The City Council voted today to hold a hearing on a recent Boston Public Health Commission vote to ban the sale of flavored cigarettes at convenience stores because store owners never had a chance to testify on the proposal before the council.

By - 8/3/16 - 1:35 pm
Boston Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George speaks against expansion of charter schools

Essaibi-George explains vote against charter-school expansion after glowering at shuffling charter supporters.

The City Council voted 11-2 today to oppose what two called the pending "catastrophe" of expanding charter schools in Massachusetts. Read more.

By - 8/2/16 - 10:49 pm

Edward Tutunjian, one of the largest owners of Boston cab medallions, agreed to plead guilty to payroll tax evasion, employing illegal aliens and failing to pay overtime wages today and agreed to pay more than $2.3 million in fines and restitution, the US Attorney's office reports. Read more.