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Patriots cake

Steve Garfield spotted this Patriots cake at the West Roxbury Roche Bros.

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Otherwise the Paul Revere statute in the North End is going to have to wear a Tebow jersey for a day.Read more

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Owen Strachan, a theology professor who admits to following the Patriots since the days when "Drew Bledsoe was completing cannon-like passes to more sideline coaches than receivers," struggles with the issue of whether God's hand is guiding Tebow's arm and what happens if the Patriots repeat their earlier stomping of Denver (Ed. note: Wouldn't it be something if the Pats won 66-6?), concludes that...Read more

By - 12/18/11 - 7:20 pm

Did Jesus take the weekend off? And gotta love that 29-yard run the wrong way at the end.

AFC East champions. Again.Read more

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No, not that guy. Ed Cafasso notes:

Never seen anyone like Tebow? Brady has led 32 4th quarter comebacks for Patrtiots, including 3 in Super Bowls.

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By - 12/15/11 - 1:24 pm

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says it has dropped a charge of indecent assault and battery against wide receiver Julian Edelman for an incident at Storyville last month:

In a "nolle prosequi" form filed today in Boston Municipal Court, prosecutors wrote:

After a thorough investigation of this case by the Boston Police Department's Sexual Assault Unit … the Commonwealth has concluded that it

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By - 12/1/11 - 4:15 pm

Little Christopher, who lives somewhere in the Philadelphia area, really, really, really hates Tom Brady. If you were his father, would you put this online?

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By - 11/3/11 - 8:28 am

Mats Tolander writes the Edelman incident is just the frosting on the cake of mediocrity Belichick has built in Foxboro:

There is only so much that genius head coach Bill Belichick can do to make up for the mediocre general manager Bill Belichick. He’s coming up short. He no longer has control of his team. The players pay lip service to his greatness

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By - 8/13/11 - 11:27 pm

Pats Propaganda posts a photo of Sarah Palin in a Patriots hoodie:

I don't know what bothers me more, that the shirt says "Once a Patriot always a Patriot" (because when was she ever a Patriots fan?) or that she's just another politician stealing our name to appear "patriotic."

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By - 3/7/11 - 12:09 pm

Yes, really, it got that far. Guy claimed the Patriots owed him and other Jets fans $185 million. Plus interest, of course.

Appeals court blocks $185-million suit by Jets fan over Spygate...Read more

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When the train that's supposed to take you from Foxboro back to Boston after that game breaks down.Read more

By - 1/16/11 - 7:44 pm

Aw, crap.

After that last Jets touchdown, Ninja Chick reported an apparent Jets fan on the Red Line at Ashmont:

Who clips their nails in public ugh STOP !!! the pats just lost and don't want to hear your clipping.

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By - 12/26/10 - 3:02 pm

For smaller storms, we've got the Bouchard. But for a storm like this, we shift to the Woodhead, as in: I hope the snow doesn't get any deeper than Danny Woodhead-high.

To see the snow for yourself, the state has livecams beaming snow pix from along 128, 93, 3 and the turnpike....Read more

By - 12/22/10 - 7:10 am

Sunday's Patriots game disturbed Matt Goisman, not so much because of the sub-par play (the Packers, with a substitute quarterback, really?) as because of the fans:

I've never seen a crowd as overwhelmingly nasty as I did at Gillette Sunday night. It wasn't just the booing. It wasn't just the profanity. It was the raw anger of it all that I had never experienced

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By - 12/1/10 - 9:30 am

Really? We need a gallery of Bradyhair? And crack investigative reporters hounding Dr. Leonard to get the truth?

Wonder what Youk's beard thinks of all this.Read more

By - 11/29/10 - 10:27 am

Dan Shaughnessy Watch dissects the effort by the "fifth-degree black belt in the dark arts of character assassination and innuendo" to tie Belichick to the Broncos videogate thing without offering up a lick of evidence.Read more

By - 9/9/10 - 5:41 pm

The Boston Police Department has issued an official statement on a collision this morning at Comm. Ave and Gloucester Street between a red Mercury Villager mini-van and a black Audi S8:

The operator of the Audi had no visible injuries and was being evaluated by EMS. He stated that he was operating the Audi on Gloucester Street toward Commonwealth Ave and the traffic signal

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By - 9/9/10 - 8:17 am

Tom Brady was in a two-car accident this morning at Comm. Ave. and Gloucester Street. Channel 7 has some video which seems to show that the front of Brady's Audi hit the right side of a mini-van. The Globe reports fire crews had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate a man from the rear of the mini-van. Dennis and Callahan ...Read more

By - 5/19/10 - 3:28 pm

The fan - would it surprise you to learn he's a lawyer? - sued Bill Belichick and the Patriots under federal racketeering and New Jersey consumer-protection laws, alleging the team's taping of opponents deprived him of the full value of his season tickets to Jets games.

But the judges of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia said he'd get no...Read more