Black Friday

By - 11/28/13 - 11:54 pm
Bundled up at Walmart

The people at the front of the line outside the Walpole Walmart around 11 p.m. were in no mood to talk about when they got there or what they were going to buy or do much of anything besides huddling inside their cocoons.

There was a similar scene outside the Dedham Best Buy, although the overall line there was a lot shorter.... Read more

By - 11/23/12 - 12:38 am

Xbox guy

This guy was first in line at the Walmart. He reports he got there at 2 a.m. to make sure he got an Xbox and some games. Also some oranges and grapes, he joked. Bathroom breaks? Around the corner, at least until the line extended back... Read more

By - 11/24/11 - 10:48 pm

First in line at the Dedham Best BuyFirst in line at the Dedham Best Buy.

Chris and Mihala, a young couple from Newton, got to the Best Buy in Dedham at 1 a.m. today to await its opening at 1 a.m. on Friday. It was partly... Read more