space savers

By - 2/27/15 - 10:46 am
Space savers collected by Somerville DPW

The Somerville Constituent Services Office posted this photo of "a sample" of the space savers removed to date by the city DPW.Read more

By - 2/20/15 - 2:15 pm

Twitter comes to us with this example of why parking in someone else's spot is "Not OK". From the looks of the windshield sticker, it's an out-of-state car, probably belonging to someone not familiar with quaint local custom.Read more

By - 2/16/13 - 7:40 pm

At least as of 6:30 p.m., no Snow Emergency or Parking Ban has been declared in Boston.

The news is unlikely to please either the East Boston resident who filed a formal complaint asking for action against somebody who "moved our space saver and stole our shoveled spot" or the person in Dorchester who filed a formal complaint asking for action against...Read more