As a Democrat, I'm thinking maybe my candidates should stop talking about the Red Sox

Martha Coakley apparently didn't learn from John Kerry what not to say. The one saving grace: At least she's doesn't go around cursing out high-school kids.



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    I think no matter what else

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    I think no matter what else that Curt Schilling should just shut up


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    Let's review the last 5 days:
    -Monday: Al Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan,
    -Tuesday: I didn't see what happened,
    -Wednesday: "Massachusettes",
    -Thursday: Devout catholics shouldn't be in emergency rooms,
    -Friday: "Wall St. Greed" represented by photo of WTC in attack ad,
    -Saturday: Curt Shilling? Another Yankees fan!
    -Sunday: COMING SOON
    -Monday: COMING SOON

    Anyone who says that voting in primaries isn't important from here on out is getting a punch in the face.


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    I know, I spelled Schilling incorrectly. Embarrassing as a resident of Massachusettes

    see it happens to

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    see it happens to everyone!

    Just not as much as Coakley. I agree, citizens need to do something about the state Dem party and their machine. GOTV is great when you need it, but groups and unions blindly lock stepping in primaries is why we got this slow train wreck of a fool.

    She doesn't have an ounce of political karma in her entire body.

    so you're saying

    that Brown getting pissed off at someone disrespecting his family is analogous to someone feigning understanding of the local zeitgeist? And BMG is not spinning like a lathe on the issue? Wow. That one event in a high-school auditorium, years ago, has inspired such monomania speaks volumes.(Particularly the Capt. Renault-like outrage at some coarse language. Please.) If Brown loses, he will take it like a man. I suggest that others consider doing so as well, instead of whining.