That's one way to increase reliability on the Green Line

Green Line on a truck

Charles McEnerney spotted this novel combo on 128 north in Needham. OK, so it's probably an ancient Boeing trolley being hauled up to the trolley museum, but it gets you to thinking ...



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    really! Great commentary, Adam. It's like reading an educated version of the herald.

    Cover of the Herald today

    Bay State moms fear for soldier sons

    The sudden shake-up of the top command of the war in Afghanistan - including President Obama’s forced resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal - has shaken the confidence of some Bay State mothers, who fear that any chaos and confusion will put their soldier sons at even greater risk.

    Notwithstanding that Patreus is now in charge of the operation, is the author of the counter insurgency strategy (coin) being employed in Afghanistan, and that McChrystal reported to Patreus during the Iraq war. Sheesh. Fear sells I guess.

    Most of media coverage is in praise of this decision but the real story that no one is taking about is how the srtategy appears to be failing.

    if it is

    it'll cost the US guvmint an additional $15,000 "insurance" payable to the Taliban.

    I'll bite ...

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    What does a photo of an old Green Line trolley have to do with Afghanistan?

    Took me a second, but I think

    Took me a second, but I think his comment is actually about the Herald, in contrast to that great on-line news site that broke the Green Line on a flat bed story. But then again, he might have posted in the wrong thread.

    Trolley Museum

    I've been to the trolley museum up in Maine and quite enjoyed it. They do have a bunch of old T trains and buses as well as items from other transport systems. You can tell the guys who run the place really love their great big toys.

    Yup, Great Place

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    MY WIFE bought me a membership as a birthday present one year. And, if you become a member, you get to actually DRIVE one of the old trolleys. I did, and it was truly a thrill for a transit junkie like me.

    Also, they have Northampton Station up there. Very much the surreal sight in the Maine woods for anyone who actually stood on the platform back in the day.



    Holy crap.

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    I'm going there as soon as I can. I didn't realize we had a trolley museum up north. The only one I remember was south of Enfield in Connecticut, and I last went there ages ago, but to have one up in Maine with the old Northampton elevated and everything and wow holy cats okay I'm already making plans to go.

    they used to run ads

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    I remember seeing ads on TV for the Seashore Trolley Museum. Not for awhile though.

    Of Trolleys and Trams

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    If that trolley is "ancient" then my cousin's description of the current-day Green Line is accurate: "It's charming - in a 1968 Prague kind of way."

    On a different note, while I have never been to the trolley museum in Maine (but will go soon, thanks!), I did recently visit the Tram Museum in Zurich. That had lots of cool stuff, and for once, climbing on the trains and track was not verboten!

    Of course

    Shortly after that photo was taken, another truck went by carrying a bunch of MBTA "customer service agents" screaming "No photos!"

    You know...

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    Taking out a lane of 128 and putting a trolley line down the median wouldn't be a bad idea come to think of it.