Unrepentant Chuck Turner says only way he's leaving office is if somebody puts a bullet in his head

The Dorchester Reporter's Gintautus Dumcius attended a rally for convicted Chuck Turner this afternoon, reports Turner took no prisoners slamming everybody from former US Attorney Michael Sullivan to current City Council President Mike Ross and calling the Constitution "an illegal document."



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    chuck charles chuckie or what ever you want to call yourself get off your soap box and start singing. you sold yourself out for ticket change. guilty or inocent your 70 years old and anytime is a life sentence. if you got a few notes in your resume. sing them out now white black or brown.we all can benefit if you have something to say.ps. do you think anybody cares about the chump change.perhaps your just a wantabe big fish in a small pond.just an observation. sue me your scratching a poor mans booty.

    Jeez and I thought Ross was

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    Jeez and I thought Ross was going to have a tough time with showing Turner the door! He needs to show him the door alright...to Bridgewater State Hospital. Chuck wants Wilburn to "shut up"? And we wonder why "stop snitchin" is seen as an acceptable motto in the neighborhoods Turner represents. I don't feel bad for Turner; I feel bad for the thousands of people in his district that don't realize they need and deserve better representation and maybe things might start to get better. Oh yea ...shame on you Charles Yancey and Gloria Fox too.


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    Lysander Spooner ftw. Great comment. You know, if you follow Spooner's logic (and it's a compelling argument), Turner is not incorrect.

    ...I've really gotten to like Gin Dumcius, boy reporter. The Globe should pick him up. He has a great eye for the telling details. Not many people who could deadpan their way through a freak show like this -- hopefully he had a good bottle at his elbow when he was transcribing this tape. God bless him.

    Is it too late for an

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    Is it too late for an insanity defense?

    He’s so dumb he couldn’t pour the water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.