By - 11/24/14 - 5:33 pm

Shortly before 1 p.m. at 625 Shawmut Ave., David Finnerty reports.

By - 11/21/14 - 10:58 pm

Boston Police report arresting Charles Ramsey, 85, on a charge of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 for an incident at the Higginson/Lewis School earlier this month.

Police say Ramsey has resigned from his position at the school. He's scheduled for arraignment on Monday in Roxbury Municipal Court.

Police had initially responded to the school on Nov. 13 on a report... Read more

By - 11/20/14 - 8:31 am

Boston Police report that shortly before 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, a woman in an apartment at Ziegler and Dearborn streets was awoken by a noise in her apartment:

After being awoken by the noise, she observed an unknown male suspect enter her bedroom. The victim says, after a brief struggle, the suspect fled the area in an unknown direction. The victim was unable

... Read more
By - 11/15/14 - 3:51 pm

Transit Police report a woman, apparently in her 20s, fell on the inbound tracks around 3:15 p.m., just as a train was entering the station.

Boston Fire Department personnel extricated the victim and she was transported to a local area hospital with NON life threatening injuries.

Boston EMS Incidents reports she was alert and conscious as firefighters worked to get her out.

Service... Read more

By - 11/15/14 - 7:30 am

State Police report a water-main break has flooded I-93 south and that traffic is being diverted at Mass. Ave. The problem is three feet of water near South Bay.

This is what the Expressway looks like when everybody has to get off at Mass. Ave.... Read more

By - 11/14/14 - 2:22 pm

A mother got out of her car at the Brockton Shaw's today and a woman whom she knew jumped in and drove off - with the woman's baby still strapped in the back seat. The mother's cell phone was also still in the car and police were able to track it to Roxbury, where, around 2:15 p.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and Dudley Street, Boston... Read more

By - 11/13/14 - 12:09 pm

Transit Police report they are looking for a man on a moped they say pointed an apparent gun at the driver of a 41 bus at Dudley Street and Blue Hill Avenue the afternoon of Oct. 30.

By - 11/12/14 - 3:40 pm

Apparently the Gov. wasn't kidding. Commuter rail has published the pending weekend service on the Fairmount (Purple/Indigo) Line for the first time ever.

Hyde Park to South Station locals have fought for this for years. I'll be on the first Saturday morning, Nov. 29th train and head to the Haymarket.

Basically, it's hourly service and in some ways better than the existing five-day sked.... Read more

By - 11/9/14 - 3:23 pm

Boston Police report that when officers on routine patrol at Walnut Park and Walnut Avenue in Roxbury last night saw a car pass them at a high rate of speed, they fed the car's plate number into a database and found it was stolen - so they turned on their blues and went in pursuit:

However, instead of stopping, the operator of the vehicle

... Read more
By - 11/9/14 - 2:42 pm
Dead street tree in Roxbury

Who goes around cutting down street trees? Well, besides the Brighton tree ninja, that is. A concerned citizen reports from Moreland Street in Roxbury today:

Last night someone used a saw to cut down the street tree.

By - 11/8/14 - 11:24 am

Yes examines the growth of urban farms - and the co-ops and companies being built around them in Roxbury and Dorchester:

From a community land trust that preserves land for growing, to kitchens and retailers who buy and sell locally grown food, to a new waste management co-op that will return compost to the land, a crop of new businesses and nonprofits are building

... Read more
By - 11/6/14 - 8:01 am

Jeff Rubin, whose family was one of the last Jewish families to leave the area along Blue Hill Avenue in 1970, reports on a diaspora reunited in a Facebook group:

Jews are famous for their exiles and the Dorchester-Mattapan dispersion is just another example. Thanks to the Facebook page we can experience the lost culture of that neighborhood once again, enjoy the friendships, and

... Read more
By - 11/4/14 - 3:57 pm

Around 3:50 p.m. at Homestead Street and Humboldt Avenue.

By - 11/1/14 - 9:13 am

Boston Police report a woman found shot at 18 Lattimore Ct. around 5:22 a.m. was taken to Boston Medical Center, where she died.

Police say officers were originally responding to a report of gunfire in the area of Shawmut Avenue and Lenox Street.

Stanley Staco reports four men, one possibly injured himself, were seen fleeing the scene.... Read more

By - 10/26/14 - 8:53 am

Around 3:40 a.m., Boston EMS Incidents reports.

By - 10/26/14 - 7:50 am

Around 7:35 a.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and Ingleside. Both victims expected to survive.

By - 10/24/14 - 4:46 pm

A man earned a five-year prison term today for an incident last year in which he tried to end an argument by smacking his opponent with a gun and then trying to shoot him only to have his victim whack him in the head with a cane.

William Rivera, 44, of Mattapan, was convicted today of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawfully carrying a loaded... Read more

By - 10/24/14 - 8:40 am

Boston Police report they are looking for a man in connection with an incident Wednesday afternoon at a bus stop at Warren and Moreland streets in Roxbury.

Around 2:50 p.m., policey say, a 14-year-old girl standing at the bus stop was approached by a guy who'd gotten out of a blue Infiniti:

The male suspect asked the victim to get into his car

... Read more
By - 10/17/14 - 7:52 am

WBZ reports on the shooting early this morning at 1033 Mass. Ave.

By - 10/16/14 - 11:42 am

Around 11:20 a.m., police shut the Mass. Ave. Orange Line stop, stopped train service and blocked traffic on Mass. Ave. after somebody started vomiting on the platform.

The station and street were re-opened about 15 minutes later - and the person transported to a local hospital - after first responders determined she did not have Ebola.

Boston EMS Incidents reports EMTs rushed to... Read more